May 25th, 2001


G'morning Lj...

Last night was kind of a lame time... Z passed out on the couch while I was putting the pudd'en pops to bed and I spent a little time fixing font issues on the website... Mostly I spent the night trying to talk to a special friend, a special internet friend.... We'll see what time will bring for laini, but there seems to be very little time.

On a lighter note, it is Friday and the very first day this week that has dawned with sunshine and a promise of nice day. Today is going to be a fantastic day... I can feel that all over my body. If anyone would like to verify this... you can feel all over my body too! No really though, today has a good vibe.

Yesterday really rawked... It seems that the "Put your body in Motion" song from that Mitsubishi commercial (The Wiseguys) is seriously infectious... I have it in my head (... start a commotion...) and I managed to get the song off napster... We never used to be able to get napster to work at the office but now it's working fine.?? Any ways, I had three situations at work yesterday that totally called for me to put on the bosses hat and head up the suit-floor. (My team works on the 8th floor along side other technical analyst's... all the suits work up on the 17th).

~ friday! bluejeans!
~ nice shirt (for no good reason because I'm also wearing a ...)
~ new sweatshirt... it's jet black with a pink "Pink Elephant" logo (Pink Elephant is the training org that supports a specific framework we use and train in at work. I got the sweatshirt in the mail yesterday.... it's a reward for scoring well on an exam.
~ finalize a few details about tomorrows date night.
~ get some work done...
~ put a package together for my package gang pal in South Africa!!!!! D'ya know what? They don't get altoids there...
~ only one wish today... and that's for peace in the heart of my sugar laini!!!!!

Peace out mochacho's
(hey, Lydia? How do you actually spell "mochachos?")
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I'm gonna love ya...
till the heavens stop the rain...
I'm gonna love you...
till the stars fall from the sky
for you and I


Hey Lj.. that's a wrap.

for this work week at least.

Great things happened this week... a many of them have a whole lot to do with my Lj friends. You guys rawk!!!! It's going to take a really major screw up to wreck this weekend... I have every expectation that this will be perfect.

Good advice, great planning and the very best of intentions... it all goes a long way to making things work out... ya know.

As I hit the road to read my print of a days worth of friends postings... my mind fills with thoughts of Laini and hopes that her boi (brendan) is going to be ok... this must be just amazingly hard for him to deal with. My heart goes out to laini of course, but for her family and Bren, well, I have great empathy for them. Peace in your heart Laini. Take care to not fill the time you have with negative energy... You travel with so much love... let it hold your spirit and your heart in a warm and comfortable place. If there is any fight left... embrace it... but only embrace it for yourself. I love you sugar sweets.

I wanted to also that that Jen (applelard) is one super little chickeeta... "Little?" ha! 5'10" is some tall girl action there. Sorry I'm just getting goofy over that lj pic she's using. September will be 5 years with her man and that's a lot baby!

pssst... am I the only person on the planet that thinks librarians are dds? (drop dead sexi)

And Jessa? you are sooooo loved. Don't ruffle your own feathers. Enjoy the love that is here and everywhere for you.
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