May 20th, 2001



Well yesterday was a looooong day. We mostly did yard and garden stuff all day - besides generally entertaining the kids.
We had fantastic ribs and roasted potato, and various and sundry yummi bits for dinner... and filled our eventing with geek stuff and ... oh, we watched last weeks "dark angel" - Jessica Alba in heat! hahaha.

Ok, I gotta say, my great day just kept getting better yesterday. From the Bingo in the AM. to total Altoid at bed time... THIS was a first so it was pretty fricking cool all around. :D How come nobody told me about the whole Altoid thing when I was in high school?

~ nothing
~ to go back to bed.... it's z's day to get up with the boiz...
~ I had time to actually go over the friends stuff from yesterday...
~ to continue thanking my lucky stars that a building near brad burned and that it wasn't worse than that.

Hey did anybody else watch Mateo doing the late night feeding last night... man that was sweet dude... do that anytime you like, it was priceless.


Ok, so it's not earth shattering excitement... but the cam is pointing on the front yard... a whole lotta planting go'en on...

hiya Lj

So today has been a wondrous example of what a beautiful day should be like... warm and little puffy clouds. A day filled with gardening, watching the kids play with the neighbors kids (they have two boys as well, each almost a year younger than ours...), cooking, little cleanups... all very classic stuff.

Layer onto that image the residual effects of altoid sex, fresh breaths of intimacy with Z, pictures around the house and some small geek (read: HTML) goals achieved and you might start to get the picture that today has been a phenomenally great day to be me... Believe me, I'm posting more about the intimacy thing... but that'll be friends only and might have to wait a bit...

Oh, and part two of the seasons finale for X files...

Any ways, I'm off to do that evening ritual thing with the boiz... baths are up next, then snack, stories and bed. See ya after all that... :D