May 17th, 2001


Morn'en Lj.

Well... not the best start to a day... really ooogish kind of a headache and we all woke up a little late today. I'm going on autopilot so far. It's a sinus head ache and its evil.

~ swish swish pants, new top and a sweater - dam but it's cold again today.
~ to lay low and take it slow today...
~ maybe nail down some plans about the trip to beantown...
~ re-schedule a dentist appt so I go before Boston instead of after...
~ that my head didn't hurt.
~ that my whole team was billable right now...
~ that things come together nicely and I get to visit with a bunch of Lj friends in Boston...

I have a few new friends in Lj land that are really kinda neat... I met stephiechaithrough the mommymilitia and it's nothing short of cool that she's in Singapore - one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I really look forward to sharing stories with her. Also, kelliegrrl and sundance - Australia and some-where far from Australia (gina? where are you?)! These are the relationships that strengthen my belief that we are all so very much the same. I could go anywhere in the world, be myself, and find friends. Is that cool or what?

D'ya ever meet someone or read about them and find so much that you can understand or related to right away that you almost feel as though you were supposed to know this person? mmm, maybe I'm not describing that well... I dunno. Lucynda (roaring_woman) is a new friend that I could prol'y spend three hours on the phone with... note: I never talk on the phone for more that 10 minutes... She wears her emotions on the outside here in Lj land (a good place for that!).
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