May 16th, 2001


For those in need of time wasting...

So listen ... the Sand Hexagon thing... this is all a story in itself... so if you want a laugh, you can track back in time to review the ballad of the sand hex:

August 17, 2000 Sand-Hex, The story begins...
August 20, 2000 Sand Hex Update - a pdf is in there somewhere.
August 21, 2000 Sand-Hex Update - plans included
August 23, 2000Sand-Hex Update - woody bits picture
August 26, 2000 Sand-Hex Update

And here is a link to the final product... (from last year).

Lj Birthday Babies (but a tad late!)

First order of business for me is a belated birthday wish to a long time friends, lacianne. So...

Happy Birthday lacianne

A birthday wish - May you have found warmth in your heart, love in your life, sweets in your mouth, and candy in your eyes.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday deal laci, Happy Birthday to you....

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Mornin Lj.

So last night was kind of a bust ... Z and I hardly saw each other for more than seconds until like 9:30 and then it was dreaded financial conversations (I can't actually remember a money conversation not ending badly). We have taxes, the deck, window repairs, and window painting to pay for this summer.... and it's getting harsh.

Any ways, the night was essentially me getting home late(7:00) (staff meeting) then taking the kids to the park for an hour (8:00), then dealing with the whole bedtime ritual and getting them to sleep... (9:30). Then the money talk started... I should have got a coffee first. So, that lasted till 10:30, got a big nasty and in stead of me getting super pissed off about it, I bailed on the convo... and went for that coffee... She went to bed. So the night was a bit of a bust� We'll deal tonight. We always do.

I taped but didn't watch Dark Angel... so I'll watch lip girl (Miss Alba) beat some peeps up later...

~ dress pants, dark charcoal
~ nice sox and rockports
~ mock neck shirt under a point-zero sweater (the one with the useless zipper pocket on the sleeve) - hey it's chilli outside today!
~ big day... crap happened in our company yesterday that means I have to do some major project planning and start thinking about who else wants me to work for them� yucki but prudent.
~ to finish the package_gang shopping (didn't get near that yesterday - although, tacki as it may seem, I'm including a pen they were giving out at our staff meeting - I snagged one for each of my package buds 'cause they're really really nice frigging pens! :D)
~ I could have logged in last night but it just was not happening�
~ that I get to chat with laini today, or tonight�
~ Z and I get our stuff together tonight!
~ that mauracelt posts a picture of herself in that outfit from Mom! (:D)

Oh, did I mention that we're (well Zebra is painting the Kitchen)�
I am so going to do pictorial tour of our house on the playground� which, of course, will take me forever to get done - but it'll happen. :D

Later Lj, busy day ahead!

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I can never keep up with the massive amounts of stuff my buds have to say but I try... and I wanted to add a shout out of love and affection to my super cool (really kind of amazing) girli friend form sunny california (jaggedpill) and say "That's harsh Amy... you deserve better!"

Ok, back to work.

Inner Rock Star

So I went here and took the whos your inner rock star test!
corto, your inner rock star is Tommy Lee

Rock on! The rock star in you is bad boy Tommy Lee, and man, you rock. No one will ever accuse you of being too wild and out of control, because they know that it's just a challenge for you. You're the poster boy for the rock 'n' roll jet set, living on the edge without any limits. They love you for taking the big risks and making general mayhem. Your fans live large through your scandalous endeavors and just dream they could be as rough and tough as you. One thing's for sure, you and Tommy know how to have a good time, and you're not afraid to make it last all night long. That's why you're everyone's favorite party fiend. Feed your inner Tommy, and rock hard all night long.

Ya, this is so wrong... Like I want a train wreck for a wife? hahahahaa


Oh, I forgot to mention ... at the staff meeting;

I work for this pretty cool company - or at least the Ottawa branch is pretty cool, but a lot of the managers are pretty uptight (like that's not true everywhere!) ... so we have these semi annual all-staff meetings in some local hotel, they serve free booze and snacks then go over this boring as hell crap designed to broaden employee's understanding of what other people do in the company... they need to get a clue about how to rally people to a goal.

Any ways, I was filling out some survey and decided that it would be more fun to hear people say "spank me" so I went up to the next 10 women I saw and asked them to say it... this included my boss, the vice-pres of the company, 3 sales reps, some admin staff and a consultant geek girl I've never met before... you know every single one of them was only too happy to say it... only one was worried about how loud she said it (so she whispered it... which was kinda cool actually). One put on a serious high pitched voice for it and a couple did a real breathy rendition... it was all priceless.

Ok... now I'm really going back to work.
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More Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy BirdDay Gailbird!

Happy day birdgirl... I hope Boston lights up for you tonight.

If you don't know her, Nic is a charming young woman from Boston who's heart is terminally in the very best place. A girl of words and wisdom that I am very happy to see on my friends page... Some people just know how to be good-people and this girl is topping the list.

I hope you find this next year to be filled with new friends and old, silver linings, and new opportunities. Happy Birthday gail-force-bird. Heaven has a special VIP's only lounge and I know you own a seat there.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birdday to you, Happy Birdday dearest nichole, Happy Birdday to you....

What's a Corto?

So I was listening to my usual lunchtime radio broadcast (Kym's classic country - hahaha... ok, it's all about the rock & roll baby) and on comes Led Zep and "in the evening"

Time shifts and I am transported back in time to a quiet rooftop in downtown Amsterdam, atop a hostel just off Harlimastrat (sp??) - this cool kind of "walking street", no cars, but lots and lots of people. I am on the roof looking at a big wooden plank. It's dusk and I'm waiting for Carlo - not his real name... I never knew anybody's real name.
My brother runs this hostel... it's called the Write Inn, and my brother, under the pseudonym Rob Kieth (not his real name... ) has been running this place for a year. I'm a visitor. I'm 18 and my parents traveled with me but continued on to Vollendon (sp?) to stay with some friends.
I had been here for at least three days... In Amsterdam, not the roof! I'm unsure of the timing because I completely lost all connection to dates, let alone time of day or sunrise / sunsets about two hours after arriving. My brother met us at the airport and dropped me off at the hostel then continued on with my folks to Vollendon. "Everyone's been expecting you Corto, so just make yourself at home, but remember, only you and Carlos are allowed in my room. Oh and here... (tosses something to me) have some fun. I'll be back in 3 or 4 hours."
He had tossed me a little baggie with some grass in it and I was all to happy to roll up a little dubbie, catch a buz and chill till he got back. I felt just a wee bit awkward but decided to hide that as best I could and see who there was to meet. First order of business... catch a wee buzzzzzz.... Funny stuff... something I had never heard of before - the weed was all tied up with a thread of some kind on this six inch long stick. I unwrapped the thread, stripped the stick, rolled a joint and smoked it. Herein lay the foundations of becoming disconnected with time.
On any regular night at the hostel, the gang gets together when darkness has completely settled on the city to catch a buzz and then go out dancing, drinking and generally partying. Lately they had been purchasing some good weed called "Thai Sticks". This stuff is legal in Amsterdam so if this is pushing your limits of propriety... deal with it. Now if, say six of the hostel gang got together, they would break about an inch off the stick, mix that with an entire cigarette (Peter Stivenstant bought Manhattan Island off the Indians for a bag of beads, so the Netherlands named their primary cigarette brand after him) of tobacco, roll this up, and share it around... thus producing six really stoned little party goers.
Are you getting the picture here? I finished that joint... sat down and for all intents and purposes passed out cold. This however, was really only my view of things. To the rest of the people in the hostel, there was another view. Apparently I turned on the radio, turned it up loud, and danced all over the three floors of people meeting everybody... Two Australian girls, Deb and Wendy, took a concerned shine to me and made sure I didn't leave the building by dancing around with me until my bro returned. From that moment forward I have no recollection of days.
But I did get along famously with all the inmates at the house of Rob Keith. :D
So, back to the roof. My bro had decided long ago that my name would be Corto. This is, I am told, a contraction of the Spanish word cortitto, meaning "shorty". When my brother left home to travel he was far and away taller than I, but had determined through letters from home that this was no longer the case. He was simply referring to me as "short". The name stuck. Carols could not speak a word of English but he could play a guitar and he could say Corto.
All of the buildings in the "walking district" of Amsterdam are separated by eight-foot alleyways. Oh sure, there are big 25 foot wide streets but from the roof top view, there does not seem to be anywhere you cannot go so long as you have a ten foot plank. Get the picture.
So Carlos serenades the setting sun, I spark up a joint and we sit on our roof noting the many other peeps doing the vary same thing on a variety of roof tops. It was all very surreal and somehow reminded me of the Chimney Sweep song and dance number from Marry Poppins. When darkness fell, Carlos stowed the guitar and we picked up our planks and begin traveling and visiting... at each successive roof top a new person - with a new language barrier, would be met, greeted and partied with for a bit. Eventually we would end up back on top of the Write Inn. From there we would join the gang as they set off on foot to various establishments bent on making you drunk and happy. I was a non-drinker then so I just basked in the glory of legalized dope and enjoyed myself.
Oh, and the song reference? The last Zeppelin album was released in Europe months before it was released in Canada and this song "in the evening" was playing everywhere... as was a brand new band called " Squeeze (cool for cats? member that?).
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Z just read me this joke.... I'm including it here to entertain Billyjean 'cause she need distraction from that dam eye!

Man: Excuse me, do you want to dance?
Woman: NO!
Man: I'm sorry, you must have misunderstood me, I said "your ass looks fat in those pants".

Ok, so like 15 seconds after I found out I was gonna be going to Boston the sun came out and it became beautiful in downtown Ottawa. I enjoyed my ride home, reading my friends and typing in that story about Amsterdam...

When I get home I tell Z about Boston and then get dinner going.. Wednesday = spaghetti night.

After dinner, Z wants to work on the second coat of paint in the kitchen (it looks fantastic btw) so I took the boiz grocery shopp'en. Massive list and I get to the end of loading scanned and bagged groceries back into the cart for the trek out to the car and i realize I forgot my phuquing bank card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phuquettiphuquettiphuque! (as Kath would say).

So the 'suspend' my bill, and I get the guys and go home to get my card... back to pay and get the heck outta there and over to the fancy spancy coffee shop to buy a pound of the good stuff!!! (The adult version of going out buy drugs... buying expensive coffee...) Geo is being horrible in the car so I count... 1, he keeps it up... 2, he's still at it... 3 STOP the car... pull over. PARK, get him out and walk him to the curb to sit there alone ("do not move from that spot") and go back to the car and sit with Ed for 5 minutes (felt like 6 hours). Then get him back in the car and go home...

Then it's packing away all that crap (well, $189 worth of groceries... I guess it wasn't all crap :D)

Oh... listen the colon-capital D thing I always type... it's supposed to be a big smiley face emoticon... sorry if I use it too much.. well, actually no, I'm not sorry... it's just another one of my addictions... like my addiction to the ellipse... (the three dot thing).

Any ways, it's kiddy play time, then bed time (baths were before dinner tonight... thank you Z)...

And here I sit waiting to go watch the tape of the West Wing,,,

ps. Have I told you i love you guys lately? I really do... you're so supportive and always full of nice stuff to say... any ways... just a little mush coming on. Think I'll go get some drugs.. I mean coffee.