May 15th, 2001


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Kym found her buzz… Kym found her buzz… Kym found her buzz… :D

~ comfy new boxers, cotton cargos, and that blue shirt with the orange horizontal stripe.
~ D&G and dem shoes...
~ oh, and a little thing HP wind breaker that a rep gave me a few years ago...(I am a total HP whore... I'll make a list of all the HP equip I own sometime...)
~ to get the last parts of my package's together for my package buds,
~ to finish a document for the client,
~ to post a major friends only post later about where my life is at with Z... (:D)
~ my Lj friendz had some idea how much of a difference they are making in my life... well, some of them any ways. :D I am remarkably lucky to have such great friendz.
~ that for just one night I could take on all that laini must bear so she could rest comfortably and peacefully... something that she may be doing soon and this scares me a whole lot...

It's a clear blue sky, bright sun, cool breeze, nippy kind of a day out there and I am feeling way fine. I woke up at 7:16 - forgot to set the alarm - and was completely sure it was a Sunday morning…. I had to wake up Z and ask her what day it was… oops.

Oh, btw, I had a night filled with dreams about sexual situations. If I do that often I rarely remember so it was kinda fun to wake up remembering some of the dreams…

Level 3

Yea! George and Ed have swimming lessons on Tuesdays... today, Edward went underwater without holding his nose for the first time and George passed his level 2 to advance to level 3... this is his third attempt and his is more than a little proud of himself...

Last summer my giant evil project was building a sand box... except, silly me, I decided to build a sand "hex" ... I will never live down the teasing about the number of times I messed up the angles...
We're going to figure out how to fix-up the sand hex a bit and integrate it into the lay of the yard with the new deck that we're having built in late June...

Edward is totally into this joke thing lately... he keeps repeating jokes he hears... This is a link to a wave file of Ed telling the joke about "what did the boy octapus say to the girl octapus...?"
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