May 14th, 2001


'mornin Lj.

~ it's a swish swish monday... note that this is a ref to my very loud swish'ing cargo pants... pockets pockets everywhere.
~ brand spanking new snug, black f.o.t.l. boxers
~ brand new short sleeve button up shirt from b.u.m. (I really like this shirt!)
~ just enough D&G!
~ to totally focus on two goals at work today... , and some proposal that keeps getting re-written...
~ to go to bed early enough to rip a page from laura's book!
~ we actually go to bed early enough to rip a page...
~ that this week goes as well as it feels like its gonna.
~ that I would hear from my pal Laini... how are you sugar?

Ok, this week is prol'y going to kick some serious butt... I'm basing that notion on the intensity of emotions that have carried me through the weekend... read: I had a really great weekend. Oh, and fun - I bought like six new shirts and when I came home my buddy from South Africa was online so I tried on all the shirts for her using the web cam... to help decide if I should take any back. Did the same thing with Z later and the opinions matched... I'm keeping them all and wearing the one that got such nice reviews. Goofy as it sounds, it was really kinda cool try'en on clothes for someone across the planet... You made me smile a bunch Nola.

ps. there's this sweet lady in a paisley dress totally passed out on my shoulder on the buss.... hahaha... I wonder if we've missed her stop... opps here's mine - gotta go.
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Sorry... but it's all coming together here and I gotta let it fly for a bit... I got happy feet (a 'tappen under my desk) and big-assed smile crawling across my face. It's what? Like 10:30 and I've finished half the days work and just came out of a meeting that tells me I am ahead of my curve on the stuff I thought I was behind in. Somebody else told me they liked this shirt... guess I'm gonna have to take a picture.

All this work-ahead-of-schedule stuff means that fer sure I'm going package buddy shopping at lunch! And I am in a dam fine mood... I have that infectious happy thing happening... This is the exact moment - emotionally - that I should be having sex! No seriously, off-the-wall happy and under the sheets pleasing your lover is just such a phenomenally great combination. Where's those altoids?

haha... later Lj...

ps. Just 'cause I haven't told the entire world lately... I'm in Lj Love with the Gnomerific Chicketta! (ok, that was Lj love... don't get yer panties in a bunch.... :D)
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Random Thought....

Thinking about buzz lightyear and remembering...

We went to see that movie (no kids, just with friends) when Toy Story was still early in the first theater run... people were packing the theater.

Theres a moment in the story when "andy" (the little boy) is about to leave for to go to the "Pizza Planet" and he runs to his room to grab the "one toy" he's allowed to bring... Now the plot line is that the Older Fav toy (woody) is jealous of the new "Fav Toy" (buzz lightlyear) and so Woody messes with Buzz and Buzz is nowhere to be seen when Andy comes in the room...

Andy cries out "Mom....? I can't find my buzz!"

me: Bursts out laughing in the theater... other than me, the theater is dead silent. :D
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holy carpanola batman!

IROC once again... ok... look! I'm not totally full of myself or anything.. it's just that the last two hours were better than the two before that and they were gonna be dam hard to beat! Corto went a package_gang shopping... hehehe.. I am so stoked here... Either I'm gonna be LAUNCHED from that community or my buds are gonna wuv me... haha. no really, when you gotta limit the $$ you get to have fun with the creative side of life. I don't wanna say anything about the acquisitions 'cause that would suck... but I'll get it finalized tomorrow and then I think I'm supposed to post..
Ok, now that being said, it's getting all cloudy outside... and low and behold it's supposed to rain right around the time I go home... when it's sorta warm, I get a kick out standing in the rain waiting for the buss looking at the stuffed shirts that are afraid of letting a bit oh mother nature touch the ol'hugo boss... suckaaaaaaaa...

just a little rant to vent some steam....
There is a class of woman that just burns my ass... she's typically in her late 30's or early 40's, she smells like really expensive perfumes (as in she couldn't make up her mind in the morning and put on 15 different scents) and when she's in a womans-stuff store or a decidedly 'woman's section of a department store... she will just walk up to the counter where a man is talking to a sales person and act like the guy does not phuquing exist. Fortunately for this woman there is another class of woman that while serving a man in a womans stuff store will totally snub the crap out of said punk-assed-smelly woman.
/rant over

This rant has been brought to you by the boi that has a desk covered with girli stuff... at least until the packages are packed.
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