May 12th, 2001


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Survivor Trivial data....

Elizabeths "thing", the thing she would wear on her head... all the material bits... is selling on e-bay.
Current Bid: $2,275.00

Keith's Signed Cookbooks?
Current Bid: $125.00
Note: He signs it with "yes I can cook rice"


garage sale hell

Ok... it's the annual "garage sale on out street" day. We kinda id'd a few things last night and now I gotta go and hang in the zone with all the other garage / garbage sellers...

Scary thing is when you go to the neighbors sale and pick something up... you know you're just moving the garbage around on the street.

Anyways, it's a kinda grey day... wants to rain.

I am looking my just-woke-up-worst so I think I'll have a quick shower and get the boiz outside with me...

Later Lj...

lord love a duck

Well we had a grand day. frick'en rain rain rain... Ok, no it stopped long enough for me to think it would stay stopped so I put our dozen big items out for the garage sale... we only sold the little tykes play structure, something we bought for 50$ at a garage sale two years ago and sold for $50 today.

We had a double stroller out there, along with a single bed frame, 4 lamps and shades, venetian blinds, florescent light bulbs and ... and... the duck.

The Duck
When Z and first lived together it was in a veterans home (a small house build in the mid 40's to accommodate returning vets...) that we rented for 650 a month. We rented the fixed up basement to a border for $350 a month, so Z and each had to pay $150 a month for most of a house... hahaha... any ways, that border was a guy called "Phil". Phil gave us this ceramic Duck. The head and neck lifts off to reveal a glazed interior - apparently it is supposed to be used to back an actual duck. We have never cooked a duck. Z just hates the dam duck.

But I've kinda kept it around... it's cool. hehe... so she put a price tag on it and asked me to put it in the sale. alas, no takers... We still have the duck.

Any ways, it started pouring rain so I packed it in and took the boiz to wally-land to shop for mothers day. Z already has my mom staked out so this was the chance for the boiz to pick stuff for mom. Left to their own devices... Z would be getting two pairs of these giant (no really, I'm talking HUGE) thick soled sandals... like 4 inches tall. with big plastic flowers on them... I would have bought 'em for the fun of it 'cept they were actually expensive and returning stuff to wallmart on the day after Mothers day is a nightmare.

Z will be getting two gift bags...
from Geo: Hershey kisses, a b.u.m. equipment kinda sexxy t-shirt (pink short t), and a potpourri (lylac... very nice)
From Ed: The CARD from both of them, hershey swirl kisses (white and dark chocolate) and this really great shirt... it's kinda short (Z's bellybutton ring will definitely show) and the shirt has a hood... ummm... do you know what I mean when I say it's an especially well made shirt... versus the standard cotton crap shirts...
Any ways, nice shirts, yummi chocolate and a card both boiz managed to print their names on ... yea. oh and some potpourri...

Package buddie ideas are just a brewing... I'm thinking of including a mixed CD of music ... a gamble but could work out well. I love the idea of using really good mp3 encodings to make wave files and press'en em onto a cd... it's such a total rip off...haha.. but at a buck a blank... you really cant go wrong. And since I started making my own CD's ... the number of actual record company CD's I have purchased has tripled... tripled!!!! Who said that free distribution of MP3's would kill the music industry? that person is on some serious crack.

I know this cool store for east indian stuff... good incense, really nice scarves... and way cool soaps... hmmm... gotta think of classic Canadian candies... kindersurprise?

We'll see.

Ok, I gotta go get rid of this head ache and get dinner started.

ps. the ongoing screaming of Edward will surely drive me bonkers...

pps. ummm I got the biggest (no seriously) rush today while talking to my Lj buddy from South Africa haha...


this adorable little girl... maybe 9 or 10 just came to the door (she lives down the street) with kinda puffy eyes... holding a picture of her cat... She wanted to know if we'd seen her cat. oh boi... well we haven't but I'm gonna be keeping a sharp eye out now.


I have a bag full of small, fresh York Peppermint Patties.

Ed was asking about something and Z's answer was "Well, yes honey... that was yesterday, or a little while ago" Ed's comeback was "Oh, it was yesterago."

Yesterago... works for me.