May 11th, 2001


word'em up homeslice.

Hiya Lj.

Boy I had a good sleep last night... sheesh... passed out at like 12:30 - you know how it is when you just lie down for a second... all the lights are still on, your still dressed... and then you wake up at 3:00 am...

So it's looking a little muggy out there, sunny and warm but maybe rain later. I stood in the closet (walk in closet!) for like 10 minutes this morning marveling at the fact that I have no frigging clothes... I have a hamper full of dirty clothes... but even when they're all clean, it's getting repetitive... I'm buying clothes this weekend. period.

Gave myself a bit of a rush with the corto-porno cam again this morning... It's like my own naked news show... I go and check mail after my shower/shave routine on Thursdays and Fridays while Z is drying her hair. I think I have - ok, I know I have, exhibitionist tendencies... and after much thought... I can't think of a down side. :D

~ b.u.m. boxers, and cotton cargos on a Friday! (Supposed to wear jeans...)
~ mock neck shirt and D&G
~ to have an infinitely better day today than yesterday.
~ go shopping for package buddies at lunch...
~ a world of good fortune to hang with Kristy. Today is move day!.
~ good words and self confidence would have a really dramatic impact on my bud's husband, Gray. There are classic stages to go through during the job hunt - especially after a layoff (Daizee, I hope your taking note two of what Jane's going through.)
~ continued good wishes for peace inShann's world.

I am sooooo loving the fact that I have buddies in Lj land that have just had babies. I remember only a few weeks ago putting away the crib and knowing that babies are all done for us... this is such a treat.

There is a ton I'd love to blabber about but maybe I'll spread it out... in the mean time wish me luck in having a great day and I'll wish for yours!!!

peace out homies.
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Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Dr.C (Farnorth)

For the life of me I cannot remember where I met you but I'm glad I did. Besides having marvelous fits of creative writing and a seriously depraved sense of humour, my Alaskan buddy has always got a kind word or words of support. I count myself very lucky to have you as a friend. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful year and find the time to continue frequenting Lj in general and my journal as well... take care today.

Happy Birthday to you, Bonne Freak'en Fete et vous, Happy Birthday dear Doctor... Happy Birdday to you...

ps. I hope your birthday wishes all come true!
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and while I'll be back and forth a bit... the cam is on! and I'm mostly here a'worken tonight... (haha work! Ok, playing...)