May 10th, 2001


mornin Lj

~ new (snug) b.u.m. equipment boxers, harcole dress pants, and company logo white golf shirt.
~ rockports on my feet and D&G on my neck.
~ silly kinda grin 'cause I became a package boi last night... we'll see if anyone actually wants to play with me... :D
~ to interview some guy at 10:30... and I should open the interview by slapping this guy... 14 frigging pages of resume...
~ do a dry-run of our presentation, scheduled for next week, that we're giving to Transport Canada (then to Stats Canada the following week.)
~ ug! I have to read this monsterous document called a "letter of Interest" from CCRA (yea, some letter� it's like 88 pages long� sheesh)
~ to send a couple of talkies today...
~ I could go to Boston...
~ for good health and good rests to dailymom, a proud new mom
~ the very same thing for mateo (happypage), a proud new dad
~ a little peace to creep into Tala's life and hang for a while...
~ patience to rest on laini's shoulders
~ my buddy blossom (puglove'en super kristy) has a good move this weekend...
~ and somehow, somewhat, for calm rational sense overtake Shann and her wayward man.

Um... do you know misilv? this is a good woman with a big heart.

ps. don't ya love how peeps go into self-imposed exile form Lj for unspecified amounts of time... then they're back like two days later! Believe me, I'm not making fun of anyone... I had to do exactly that a while ago and I could barely contain myself.... what an addiction.

Ahh the spirit....

You'd almost think it was Friday... eh ci?
There's a little something in the air today... could it have anything to do with gnome nipples? or are they more a result of whatever magic is crawling across the landscape?
Taking from the posts of many, here is a list... a short list of five names... five names that I tell Zebra all about... the "all bets are off" list. Should one of these women show up on my door step - something, alas, so far from possible it's laughable - then I get to invite them in and give 'em my very best shot without retribution... She, of course, maintains her own list...

1. Shirley Manson
2. Charlize Theron
3. Miss. Ainsworth :D
4. Heather Graham
5. Magdalena Wrobel

And yes, I have better things to do than this... but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and dam, theres just sumthin in the air.
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ok... mood quickly dissapating...

Just got major push-back on a project that I thought was done... now I'mma scrambling to redo a report...

Afternoon? Totally toasted... rats.


Just a'caming away working on web stuff and writing a more worthwhile journal entry than this...

oh,... um, actually I'm composing a more worthwhile journal post on my hand held flying a balloon through the night sky with Sean Connery... I teaching him about scottish politics... and there's this geeky guy at my place workin on the 'puter.



Well today just was not a stellar day! Started off fine with good weather and fairly reasonable goals for the day...

As previously stated... things kinda went south ...

Fact is, two (out of 6) of the senior sales reps were let go today... basically because they really phuqu'en sucked at this job... they may be good at some other job but this one? man.

So that set a harsh tone at work... a report got pushed back from on high and I had to redo it ... twice... before I left for the day.

I've since managed to bump the counter while in the process of dumping the coffee filter and yucki grounds into the garbage and }splat{ threw them on the floor in the kitchen... Stub my baby toe so bad it's just throbbing, and generally loose all chance of getting a Mr. Congeniality award.

There is a bright side though... I mean when things suck this bad, I'm use'en it all up. It's like a pressure valve is letting go and I'm expecting to be rid of this by the time I wake up. If it's all cleared up... wow.. tomorrow could really rawk.

Ok, so back to working on layout stuff...

Green tea anyone?


There is a point at which green tea, when cooling down from really bitch'en hot tastes almost sweet... It's good stuff ...