May 9th, 2001


just cause

So, it's getting long in the tooth today and crash is something I'll do soon.
But before I go a few words from our sponsors....

~ Welcome home to cablondie (dern flights!)...

~ Somebody needs you kellie... :D (and so many peeps care about you - lucky girl.)

~Indigojo, I want to know everything about you... you are amazing! There were some wonderful images in your post today, as there are on many days.

~Angie? I will so completely miss your retrospective posting from another universe... without a doubt "I" was enraptured by the images and words that you shared... come back when you miss us.

~ You know, the whole Lj'ers having babies thing... it's just kinda awe inspiring to find these chapters coming to life in this living novel... our shared privacy is truly a remarkable experience. People seem to have an amazing capacity to be kind and loving.

oh, and Jen (preggers) ... I hope that part time deal works out with the big-boss-man!
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I'm eating something called a Teryaki Almond. Oh goodness they are delicious. Throw in a few cashews, some raisons... snack time!

"You'll never know....
How much I looooooove you....
Moo momooo mmmooo"

(loved that commercial.)

sword and the kids

So I have this sword... it's a decorative thing that I acquired oh so long ago from the decorations in a restaurant that was built with a king arthur theme. Very heavy, very sharp, very pointy and looks cool... maybe I'll take a picture and post it. The thing is, George, once up a time saw it. (It's very well stashed away from kiddie finding it possibilities)

He asked me about it... sheesh, he must have been like 3 (he's now 5) and I happily told him it was Mine, and when he asked why I owned a sword, I - without missing a step - told him that I used to be a knight and lived in a castle... I needed the sword to uphold my duty - that being to protect the man that owned the castle.

We told a few bedtime stories about being knightly ...

I had thought this kinda faded into his memories.

Kids don't forget anything... nothing.

He has convinced his whole senior kindergarten class that I was a knight. Fought dragons, lived in a castle... the whole deal. There is no way in hell I am gonna mess with that... :D

Sir Corto, Keeper of the Peace and Defender of the Realm. hahaha... boy I love those kids... I think I am fine with the idea that I live in a castle... it's just less drafty than the old one... and I serve my master (Z) well and defend our castle and all who live there... come on, come to my castle and threaten my boiz... just watch out for the sword. :D

oh, and on a sad note: I just found out that the new Garbage album will not be released until late summer... rats. I was still thinking it was to come out this month!
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