May 8th, 2001


A wrap

Well today is definitely a wrap.

Today rawked... well 'cept for that part where I had to read in someones journal dumb ass nasty bits about someone so completely undeserving ... erg!

But besides that? Wonderful day.

This is the deck we're building (hahaha having built)... and I'm so, gonna have work-in-progress pictures!

If your going to call something "foaming facial wash" why can't you go that extra mile and make it not sting the crap out of your eyes?

good day brew'en...

Mornin pal. So I got a bunch of work done last night on the web site... not that anyone could tell, cause nothings really finished. Man there's a lot of work involved. The whole universe of Personal Web sites is really pretty amazing. There are some incredible examples inside the web of my friends list.

It supposed to climb to 22 degrees today (that's Celsius - that's warm!!) and the sun is just a'beam'en. It's going to be a beautiful day.

Oh, I received an email today with the following subject line: DIRTIEST FILTHY CUM SWALLOWING WHORES ON THE ... I mean, sure, there's a lot to be said for being direct and all...

~ it's a swish swish day. (:D)
~ company logo white T, with one of my fav 'point zero' sweaters... Z bought me this sweater and I wish I could properly describe it (soft, almost velour like, dark, 2 stripes running down the sleeves and across the chest) anyways, the thing is that at my birthday Z went shopping with the boiz and at their insistence, they collaborated to select a gift for dad. The boiz picked this sweater totally on their own... Z was hesitant. When I opened it - before I knew the story - I immediately pronounced it "my fav". They just know my style hehe.
~ more web site work tonight.
~ to talk about orgasms as often as possible today...
~ to get an audit proposal done for a big drug company...
~ that Toy would do about a hundred jumping jacks and they'd actually inspire her baby to join the team on the outside!
~ that when I get to look at Lj I see a post from a still alive and fighting laini! (for this I prayed a rather great deal last night…)
~ I was a cat that could catch a mouse and then shove that mouse down a brandi-mouth… no links, no brawl, it's just… errggggg.

emily'o? (nextproblem) you should call me... just to talk. I wish there was something I could do for you but being a friend can't hurt right.
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totally wrapped and slapped today with kicken volumes of work....
Got the "If I don't work for you and you don't work for me sign... go away" sign up.
Kym? you will definitely get through today! and Lisanne? (lisanne!!!) some people suck and they do a dam good job of it!

ps. Lizvang is the cutest would-be-orgasmic-parachutist on the planet! period.
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I guess we'll see if the boss likes the work from today... big ass report due tomorrow and the draft needed to be done today. It is. Go me!

: D

Ok, so side note. silk boxers make for an interesting compliment to the swish swish pants... which reminds me... hahaha... the boss bought lunch today... on the way back from lunch the sunshine pointed out no less that 11 navels. Two wordz: Thank you.

Today is a definately a wrap. Now to go get on a bus and read about 100 printed sheets of my friends pages from today.

Love you guys. later.