May 7th, 2001


LATE Lj Birthday babies...

Oh geez!!!! How could I miss this one????

Happy Birthday Jen

(that's magenta to you and me...)

I met jen for-ever ago in Lj land and I have no, zero, zilch, idea why... I think it was a friend of a friend...

But I have been soooooooooo lucky to know this girl... Way cool that she went to Egypt and posted a billion pictures... very cool.

Happy birthday sugar and I very sorry to be a day late!.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Magenta!, Happy Birthday to you!....</marquee>


Mornin Lj.
Totally overslept this morning... woke up at 7:48 and was on a bus at 8:11. I still managed to hit all the main features: showers, shave ... yup, I even got dressed.

~ black b.u.m. equip boxers, cotton cargos, the shirt in this Lj user pic and dem shoes ... oh and the D&G.
~ to actually get some work done - in sharp contrast to Friday...
~ add redesign part of the playground (my web site). adding "last 10 frames" to the cam selections, making a "html or java" cam refresh option, and getting started on the gallery and the wordz pages.
~ to get a great coffee as soon as I get off this bus... our milk - that I went out to buy last night after the kids went to bed - was bad... so no milk in my coffee today.
~ that allyn sees some serious financial commitments to the cause at this weeks fund raiser.
~ that my friend toy (dailymom) has that baby already! and that when you do, everything just goes along like a text book birth... no surprises and everyone healthy.
~ ditto for mateo (happypage) - (is your wifes name Marti?) - baby any day now... best of luck.
~ for peace in the world of friends forlaini, my very special freind so very far away.

We rented the movie "Miss Congeniality" this weekend… s'ok movie. Sandra has no trouble look'en hot, so yea! But the best part was this little jingle she sang twice in the flick… both times to her FBI partner when he showed signs of falling for her. She sings it all goofy like and it goes something like "you wanna hug me… you think I'm gorgeous…" etc. It's really cute. It's stuck in my head today.

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take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your lives....


move me on to any black square, use me any time you want...

(phuque I love this song sooo much... I get misty just listening to it!!!)

send an instand karma to yourself, initial it with loving care.

(thanks kym... you totally cook.)

sorry but...

just getting a little bit out there again... man life is sweet!!!

I'm sitting at my desk again.. just got back from a little break to walk in the sun of a beautiful day ... little breezy... but otherwise sunny and, well, the kind of weather that just seems to make everybody look good. Got a call from a coworker at an old governement job I had and she started groaning when I answered her questions about how my job was going... I guess I said great too many times in a row. :D

I'm feeling a little bit like it's time to start polling the team again... but I'll save that for tomorrow... maybe that way I'll be able to say "last night." haha....

I wish I could just pull these rose coloured glasses off and put them on my homies so they could see this too.


Big 72 point text signs that I have in a folder at my desk. Each is, depending on project status, taped to my back when I'm working on deadline:

"If I don't work for you, and you don't work for me... go away!"

"Ask yourself this question: "Do I really want to bother this guy with my dumb ass question?""

"Is your name Tim? Is your name Kim? No? Then leave me alone!" (tim is a peer, and I work for kim)


"Do I really look like I have time for you?"