May 6th, 2001


Random kid stuff

At story time tonight I was reading George his regular contingent of two stories... one was a book he had picked out at the local library called "I am a little polar bear". It's from a series of books for kids called "I am a little ________"

Well the story goes on and on with cute pictures and little factoids built into kiddy style sentences:

"We have a layer of fat and a thick coat to fur to keep us warm."
"In the winter we sleep cuddled up to mommy. The daddy's sleep on alone."

I read this last one out loud and then comment "oh poor daddy's... sleeping on their own like that."
George (5) comes back with "Well, maybe they need their space. Sometimes daddy's need to have their own space."

I gave him one of those weird looks I save up for incredulous moments... when the sheer wonder of children gets a really good grip on me.

ding dong...

Me: Hello?
Them: Would you like to buy any girl ...
M: Girl Guide Cookies !!!!! What kind? Are they those minty ones?
T: giggle ... Nope... They are the chocolat and vanilla kind...
M: Are they made with real girl guids?
T: huh?
M: never mind...
M: One box.. OK?


Ever hear of a board game called "Cranium"?

It's kinda got trivial pursuit, pictionary, charaides, ummmm. a lot of stuff... all built into one game... goes good with a case of wine and bag of ... um...

We played last night.. boiz against the girlz... lots of fun.

two things

1. Just as our freshly showered and bathed family is about to head out the door to my moms house to have a birthday dinner for my sis-in-law, the phone rings. Seems the power died at mom's house in the mid of cooking everything. The gang... 8 adults 6 kids... will be here... well, actually they just pulled in... later

2. oh, and I just read my friends pages... I love you guys... my sox are well rocked. Thank you ...


There are a lot of things about Lj that make it delicious and time consuming, but remember:

Tsufeel istoomph Gezundt

ps. and Jane? If you know how to spell that properly, let me know! (thanks)

pps. in my next life... I'm gonna be jewish.

a very silly poem

for my friend mateo and his wife as they head to the hospital - I think.
(making babies, fun fun fun... having babies? an exercise in patience)

ok, so this is silly, but I wanted to do something for ya pal!

A little "Happy New Baby" Poem

little tiny fingers
itsy teeny toes
perfect little ears
and a turned up button nose

everything is little
a miracle no doubt
but your wife is sure to tell you
it was a giant comming out

your life is starting over
the challenges are steep
next time when you're looking back
blow a kiss goodbye to sleep.

there is no greater pleasure mateo
nothing will ever compare.
good luck banditto.
and this stanza doesn't rhyme.