May 5th, 2001



Ok, this is totally bogus... I mean you're gonna think this is dumb... but it can't be any worse than the "run through your darkened house holding a clean mr. coffee type pot in front of your face using a flashlight to see" ... (that's a blast by the way)

Can you mumble? mumble kinda loud? with a snear in your voice? Try! Try saying "Chicks" with a loud mumbly snear. ok, now say it again, except this time... say "Chicks with dicks" ... now forgetting - if at fraking possible - to ignore the social, physical, etc. connotations or images that are slammed up into your frontal lobes when you say this. It is a classic word pair perfectly tuned for the loud mumbly snear voice. Ya almost hiss the S in "chicks".

I'm done. I'll stop now.
~ goes back to work on a more worthwhile journal entry.


ok... so big assed power failure in the middle of the night. We kinda passed out early - well early for us, at 1:30 ish... and we passed out all dressed with the "house" still on.

The boiz had me up at 6:00 to start the day! dam double dam.

Well I'm making pancakes so, later Lj...

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well it's a screamingly bright sunny, totally cloudless day here... It's not supposed to be blazzingly hot or anything but it's look'en good. I have to do big-job cleanups (floor washing versus pick'en stuff up) in prep for tonight... er, um... it's out turn.

We have an evening with these other two couples every second month... we're all with kiddies about the same age and know each other for various reasons... We kinda rotate from one couples house to the next. Nice people, but (sorry) not a lot of imagination. Eat, eat snacks, drink wine, drink booze, sit.... then ask for more snacks. I'd love drag the whole bunch of us out to a club and go dancing, let alone take them all to vertical reality and go rock climbing. But no... clean up and sit and watch em eat snacks and dringk hehe...

It's not so bad, I'm just being a grump. (a feeling that will go away just as soon as I can manage to have a shower...)

So, it's wicked domestic day! vaccuuming, floor washing, and anything else I can think of....

Oh, best part of it being here... I'm in charge of music ...hehe.. garbage, offspring, hmmmm.... I think I'll make a compilation CD to play tonight.

k, later skater...

ps. good luck today liz...


so what if I'm sitting down! hahaha...

yes... today will be marked with much goofiness... I refuse to get normal... far too much of that this week.