May 4th, 2001


A final Survivor Update!

Well this is it.
Essentially there were three Survivor shows on the TV last night, each one an hour long...
There was the one hour "Outback Cinematography Special", followed by the "Let's Pick a Winner Already Show" and finally, the "Giant Bumble Makes Deb Cry Special".
Lets have a quick review of each one!

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Ok this is a retread!

I posted this late at night once a while ago in a comment to my own post... I'm reposting it now 'cause it doesnt copy to my "export" of the journal (I export monthly) if it's down in the comments so this way I'll get a "keeper" record...

It's a story... not a true story... just a story. If your bored to tears... cool. If your busy... move along. :D

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Mrs. Lynda Entwistle was a peach. Well, that's her name now.

This begins when she was Miss. Faraday, an English teacher at the public high school and homeroom teacher to 26 grade 12 kids. She was a sweetheart that received the respect of her charges by default... they liked her and she liked them right back. She wasn't an easy grader but kids still considered it a bonus to have her for English especially when the alternative was Mr. Noon. Noon the Goon.
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