May 3rd, 2001


Kym, my lunch time "sweeper" is in here somewhere....

Ok, so this morning started with me checking the pc for a weather report. Sun, a few clouds and more sun. I mean, it was HOT standing at the bus stop! We had the AC on last night... Summer weather. Oh, btw, I kinda got a kick out of realizing I was had left the cam in update mode when I went to bed and hence it was updating when I sat my naked self down to get the weather... Now I'm not saying the corto porno is around the corner... it's just that some small part of my head kinda felt a wee bit electrified the moment I realized a full-on naked shot must have been grabbed while I sat down. Yes this is super goofy... deal with it. J
Last night, one of my friends posted a web cam picture of herself revealing nekkid shoulders but nothing untoward. I think she said it was visible to a sub-set of her friend list, so I'm not naming names. Two things: 1. She must have received a huge rush out of pushing herself to do that... and 2. she has been kinda self-critical in the past and girl I'm telling you ... you got game! you looked adorable.
Two of my friends in Lj land got lay-off notices yesterday... notably, carrie and the "stephany" behind STVLive. My heart goes out to both of them although "laid off", in this case, just means you'll be available for someone else to hire... I'll betcha they both land firmly on their feet.
~ cotton cargos and the dark blue shirt with the orange strip on it...
~ brand new, super comfy, smoothy hugg'en b.u.m. boxerss,
~ dem shoes, and the D&G
~ to get a bunch of stuff cleared out of my inbox at work and map out billable work for the team for the rest of this month!!!!!!
~ to totally enjoy watching the Survivor finally tonight.... I'll be taping it and Bair? this time I will double check that it is actually taping (I blew the recording of the S1 final epi!). You know when this is done I'll have a complete set of S2 updates... I think I put them on my web site like a story... :D what'd ya think?
~ to be "locked on the lunchtime rock with a steam'en slice of Kym Mackay, hold the anchovies baby… but load on the cheese!"
~ that love would just hurry up and find it's way.
~ for all the support Allyn can handle and the best of luck in his AIDS Ride. I haven't said that enough and I wish I could be there to give him the much deserved support that will help him achieve these worthwhile goals.
~ that Toy (dailymom) would have a baby already!!! LOL (it's gonna be today! Fingers crossed)
~ that the rest of my pregnant Lj buddies the very best of health and comfort.

Ok, I'll stop now... later skater.
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Tick Update

Ok, so I love the Tick... well actually my super hero of choice is "American Maid" (my mini action figure sits a'top my monitor).

Last night the episode with the "Midnight Bomber" wanting to take out the Comet Club - "superhero's welcome" was on... the dialogue they make for the bomber guy just kills me... the totally demented psycho austin powers... "Ya baby.. And she said... I wanna see fire... Fire Baby... I'll show you fire baby... ahhhhhhh"

Note: The guy that played the mechanic - and Elaine's "sponge worthy" boyfriend - on Seinfeld, will play THE TICK in a TV SHOW (not a movie as previously suspected) this comming fall. wohooo...

Yo! Kym...

She said don't hand me not lies, and keep your hands to yourself!!!! Georgia Sattelites, Keep Your Hands to Yourself.

wow... I was way wrong ~snif...

but that's still a great song.. hehe.

(bahhhhh - feeling sheepish)

a few things...

So the colour Orange. It's not helping that I'm sitting on a bus writing this (the commute home) with a girl in an orange top sitting beside me... if she reads what I'm writing she's gonna slap me...LOL. I was gonna go on a bit of a rant about the colour orange... there are only so many peeps that can pull off orange clothes and when they do it drives me totally nuts. I love seeing girls in orange clothes that look great. Black cargo pants, orange top with an orange bra and I'm done…

Today totally kicked ass!!! I got a few decent things done at work, but we're in a slow stage so I'm not stress'en. But dig it... I slapped on the head phones, tuned to the internet radio broadcast of the radio station that my Lj friend Kym works at (I'd link her but I'm not sure if she's game for that kind of publication) and found out that it really does rock the house to have a slice of Kym for lunch. She even gave me a real live radio dedication ... Goofy as it sounds... this totally made my day! Thanks Kym... you cook girl.

On a completely dif topic... Shann? you have a hella body there girl ... holy lordy girl. Those pictures are pretty impressive. I can tell your really suffering from low self-esteem and have a bad body image (not!).

Survivor Prediction:

The immunity challenge selected for tonight will tell the tail. The player with immunity basically gets to set the tone. The other two have to vote for each other so the challenge winner picks whom to go up against.

Tina? She'll pick Keith, cause she will win against him.
Keith? He'll pick Colby, cause he knows he can't win against Tina.
Colby? He'll pick Keith, cause he knows he can't win against Tina.
Are you seeing a pattern here?

Tina is the money girl. Now they picked Richard in S1 so, shyte, anything's possible. Tina really strikes me as a very crafty woman capable of all the necessary evil to pull off backstabbing good girl. Note that she has zero votes against her as yet, although she broke the ice on the whole turn-on-your-tribe-mates thing... The whole sophy's choice thing with Roger re: "Should I kill you, Roger, or Elizabeth?" really creeped me out.

Have a fun night guys...

(footnote: got home from work and got a total tummy ache... yucki)
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