May 1st, 2001


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If I said that someone "groked my groove" would you understand?

Oh, and at dinner tonight:

Geo: "dad... you should have seen, at the park we saw this huge beetle!"
Me: "cool, really big?"
Ed: "BIG!!" (actually has little interest in the topic but enjoyed yelling "big")
Geo: "Yea really big .. like this..." (hand gesture)
Me: "'what colour was it?"
Geo: "Black... big and black"
Me: "was it a talking beetle?"
Geo: (pause)
Geo: "Beetles can't talk dad."
Me: "hmmm... maybe not... I wonder what he would say if he could talk?"
Geo: "He'd say 'look at me I really big' oh, and mommy said he was hot! so he'd probably complain about that!"
Geo: "and I'll be he'd have complained about me trying to pick him up... He'd say 'hey you... stop picking me up.'"
Me: "If he could wish for anything what do you think he'd wish for?"
Geo: "He'd wish he wasn't black... cause black is really hot."
Geo: "What do you think the beetle would wish for?"
Me: "I think he'd say "I wish I was a rolling stone""
ok, you really really had to be there...
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Death, taxes and extra lines in Haiku

Ok, it's a beautiful day but it's gonna take a whole lot more than weather to put me the "happy place" ... I spent the whole night fighting with my taxes... In Canada, they're due on the 30th of April - if you owe, and due whenever if your getting a return. Well, I have never ever had to pay taxes at tax time... so much gets taken off my pay that it never really was an issue... so this year I totally ignored tax season 'cause I had so much going into my RRSP's that I figured there was no rush.

Very dumb move on my part. I owe... now I'm late and if I had done them a month ago I might have had time to change some investments around to reduce my amount owing to zero. Z is kicken my ass on this one and for good reason.

Now there's not a whole shit lot I can do about it now 'cept maybe learn a little something from it so I in "deal" mode... soon be replaced - I hope - by my prototypical uber mood. The trick, of course, is to get Z off the sticker-shock bummer.

Step one: make the day into some kind of an event. I elected to make today "Send my employers into a tailspin" day. I'm all dressed up in a suit with the nip-popp'en silk shirt and smelling good. This of course, creates a healthy atmosphere of wonder and worry among the lords and ladies that run the company I work for... seeing as there's really nothing to get dressed up for on today's agenda.

~ dark charcoal suite with the pale blue, brushed silk, no-collar shirt.
~ D&G
~ absolutely zero pubic hair... (ok, so the bush is intact, but otherwise... it's full membership in the bald squatchi club - Hi Steph!)
~ to get my groove back from the tax man...
~ more employee performance review stuff...
~ that I had more time for my friends... you guys are just amazing...
~ I could go to lovely Burbank, California and help my fav PowerPuff Chicketta pack boxes…

K, gotta fly. Later skater.
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ok... no fool'en now..

I am electric.
Seismographs start to shake if I get too close.
My universe is crackling with energy...
Small sparks are dancing along the edges of everything around me.

Basically I am the ultimate potato clock. Or was that a potatoe clock... ?

The sun is shining, and the air is warm... people are the most amazing, unbelievable sources of joy and fulfillment....

Sick of this yet? tough.. not done!

No seriously, so much is going on at work, home and play that I can hardly contain myself... now if I could just factor sex into this somewhere... well that would be worth reading about.

Congratulations Laini... you're a wonderful young woman... my heart soar's at the news. I hope we get to talk soon!!!! :D

Unfortunately I have to go ... time to run for busses... rrrrgggg... peace out homeslice... Bird is the word.
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Well I'll be done the evil deed in a few minutes and then it's netfile time... click click click double-click, type a few numbers and bang. Taxes are filed.... That simple. And I still managed to be a day (ONE DAY) late. It absolutely totally sux to be me here! LOL