April 29th, 2001


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arrrrrggggg... evil headache time visits me... owe ... ouch... try not to move... oops... ouch. gotta take some pills... gotta lie down... argggg


Advil is starting to help... now to take a long hot shower...

A bright and beautiful looking Sunday is happening ... then maybe some office clean up???? we'll see.


oh and I have an official owner of the "sugar shack" handle... it is now escaped the blurriness of general use and has focus!


So this last 30 minutes has been the first stretch of time today that has passed without all the diodes on the right side of my head hurting like ultimate stink. (tipping hat to marvin the paranoid android) and I have elected to sip Godet's White Chocolate Liqueur from a tall silly looking glass.

Harsh day of headachishness - had a major nap from 2 - 4:30 ... weird dreams and woke up with the headache still cooking. Erg.

All better now...

Looking forward to watching the x-files tape later...

Shees I gotta start my taxes soon... their due tomorrow... good thing I don't owe... I hope. :D
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Another Lj Birthday Baby...

although this Komac,... this GodFatherOfSoul... is anything but babylike....

Yo, Happy Birthday Michael - Radical Skull .. Radiskull

I really want to wish you a happy birthday... and a great year.
Anybody that gets' the ebb and flo of this place deserves the best wishes...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birdday dear radical skull man, Happy Birthday to you....
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