April 25th, 2001


Mornin Lj

k, this had to happen... I mean it's a beautiful day here... very sunny and clear... but I started the day with a wee bit of a ouchi spot in my throat... hard to swallow... blech. So I guess I wont be doing any hot knives at work today :D (haha.. ok, like not since I was 17 come on...)

~ swish swish day!
~ a warm sweater... they turned on the A/C in our building... now you can practically see your breath at yer desk... great!
~ "williams Lectric Shave" - you know they started making this stuff right around the time they discovered fire...
~ that D&G stuff that makes a couple of the account reps not otherwise distracted by a Y chromosom be all sweet to me.
~ to be nice to my throat ...
~ to enjoy watching The West Wing tonight... You know, my major in University was The Politics of Influence in US Gov. and I'm telling you this show should be required viewing for Poli-Sci students... right up there with "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister"
~ somebody would send me a graphically accurate explanation of the god dammed frozen grapes :D, I mean, sure, I have an imagination and a decidely bent sex drive so I'm there... but I'd like confirmation!!! (!!frozen grape girls unite!!)
~ I didn't just realize that a guy that works here looks amazingly like Barney - yea "that" barney... now I'm not gonna be able to keep a straight face when I deal with him...

There is no such a concept of too much love... If you think all this love'en is goofy, fake, or otherwise misguided... all I can say is that I love you too! You can have too much of a lot of things but the day I feel like I just don't want another drop of love ... I'll be dead.
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Lj Birthday Babies...

Ok, so I've mentioned before (in fact, I kinda embarassed myself with Debby once in IM mistaking her username for Billi-Jean's user pic) but I'm way way partial for the whole blue girl thing... maybe theres been too much sci-fi in my life but I find body paint dds* and blue is the colour for that floats ma boat!

Happy Birthday Billi-Jean

I hope your year is filled with lucky chances, hard won rewards, the love of your friends and family - and even an Lj stranger or two, and that you find that girl in the mirror to be all that she wants to be. She's sugar in the lives of a lot of corn flakes. :D

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Billi-Jean, Happy Birthday to you....


I'm eating my first choco-yogurt of the season... kinda replacing the afternoon coffee... but wait... I bought the coffee too?

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Eat 'ch'er Heart out ...

For Nikki!

corto and the Fredericks wire-frame!
(those of you that do not know WTF this is about... I beg of you ... move on and totally ignore me. :D
This is clearly the goofiest it's gonna get! but the bar was raised and I had to meet the challenge.
Your's truly,


Needless to say, the cam is on.... and "double-needless to say", no way am I acting like this!!! haha...
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