April 24th, 2001


and so it starts...

One blazzingly beautiful summer like day in this town and what? Every date and her friend goes home to wash every cotton shirt they own in screaming hot water and dry dem babies ... I'm talking no fewer than twenty cute lil'navels between the bus stop downtown and my office... this is a two block walk. I am soooo gonna love this summer. Fashion has taken a decided turn for the funky there is freedom in funky.

"Lick Lick Lick to be free" => the stupidest thing I ever heard in a porno (spoken, btw, with a thick german accent!)

~ good ol snug fit'ten boxers, fancy sox and rockports... that's it... I'm just walkin around the office in dress shoes and boxers.
~ ok, so I'm not... but I am wearing the beamer silk shirt... gonna tire them nips out today... and dress pants.
~ write a project file for this big ass deal with another gov'department...
~ to count my blessings...
~ engage strangers in embarassing conversations in the elevator ... "Did you fart?" "Sheesh, you know I have something sticky on my hand... can't for the life of me remember where I picked that up...."
~ stoping strange women on the street to tell them how fricking awsome they looked wouldn't land me in jail
~ I could play this music on room filling speakers instead of headphones...
~ I looked half as good as gnomi girl in a wireframe groove'en fredricks of hollywood bra... but alas... :D
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Well the cam's on and I'm a doing a little Lj surfing before watch'en that Dark Angel Alba girlli ... she's a canadian super being... with enough lips for two or may be three people... but dern cute none-the-less. And besides, she beats people up ... really trashes' em. Someone last week pointed out the potential for my enjoyment of the ultimate match up...

Dark Angel versus Buffy...

Now, the thing is... they'd never brawl. More likely would be their teaming up against a common foe... or at least teaming up! That's were I come in... :D haha. ok. I really gotta stop this.