April 19th, 2001


dum di dum...

I'm off to bed... but if you got a sec... come see the new'ish layout of my page... and I linked it to my journal finally.

Theres a long way to go but ... progress! :D

another kick'en day in my universe...

Morn'in Lj. A little chilly, but otherwise, it's a beautiful day in the nation's capital. I realize most peeps have no idea where Ottawa is, but it's a way beautiful city. An hour's drive from the border of NY State, Ottawa is on the Ottawa River (go figure) and is cut by a historic canal (the Rideau Canal). I've been fortunate enough to travel to many other cities in Canada and the US and I gotta say, that ottawa is one of the cleanest, and most beautiful cities I've seen. Now, I think I'd go live in San Fran in a heartbeat, but that's another story.

Any ways, I was up way WAY to late last night goofing around with my new site layout... (check it out!).

~ mmmm dress-up day, secret-agent-man day...
~ Scoobi-do boxers, dark grey dress pants, thick turtle neck, dress shoes and just 'nuf D&G to make Miss A. Licious stop and notice... :D
~ to boggie off to a client site first thing for a little project cleaning.
~ most of the rest of the day I'll be stuck in meetings... (not the most fun)
~ to watch Survivor tonight... yeah!
~ k, I'm really on a bit of a natural high with so much of the wish stuff coming true around me...
~ so I'm wishing for more of the same for my pal laini.
~ that this well intentioned lady at the Burbank City Hall offices gets off her duff and makes something happen for my powerpuff Hollywood babe... Blossom, aka Kristy...
~ I would hear - from the source - the great news that my ab-fab fav jagged gurl has to share... Word 'em up, homeslice... you cook!

So listen, I just wanted to say that I have this friend from way back in Lj early daiz (early for me at least) that, more so than any other person I've ever met, is sitting on a sunday night movie of the week. If you want to remind yourself that there is a good reason to keep trying... to have hope... to take a chance and make your life better, I'm telling you have to go read jeninaustin's journal. I went to bed last night with a big silly grin on my face, having read her most recent journal entry. I mean, go for it. Read her last entry, then hit her calendar and read the first 4 entries in her journal... There is no doubt in my mind that there is an empowering and inspirational story here. Jenin is an adorable Texan and Jeff (lifewithjoey), her main squeeze, is one lucky duck!!
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I must be getting ready for some kind of unnatural fricking disaster... 'cause I am in an unbelievably good mood... If drugs could make you feel like this ... baby we would all be addicted.

oh, and we just got (at work) a Toshiba 1100 lumens digital projector... and it has a laser pointer.. (my toi of choice... hehehe) - can you say "Borrow office equip for the weekend and hook up that DVD player honey... we're watched space movies on a 80 x 50 foot screen... woohooooo."

come on... tell me!! (yes it's that time again...)
When was your last orgasm? Come on... tell me, I won't tell anyone... and yes, self inflicted counts...
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Unreal Tournament is being played on an 8x10 wall of our board room (supported off our Senior Technical Staff Linux Unreal Tourny Server hhahahaha). Life is sweet right now...

wrap time

Later Lj... today has been a golden day... thanks 'specially to some outstanding Lj peeps... Love you guys.

Off to watch Keith Get Zapped on S2.