April 18th, 2001



~ swish swish day (noisy cargo's) and that shirt from my default pic...
~ planning? no "doing" a whole morning with a guru guy from one of our partners learning about some new products...
~ on finishing the "learning" process by lunch...
~ I had a chance to deal with Lj before my day got cooking...
~ I could make my journal page look as cool as some of the pages I've seen lately...

Ok, go look at my new friend's (kirkir) page (Hi Kirsten!) it's beautiful...
Who's page have you been to lately that just makes you do a jaw drop?


What am amazing day...

New friends... maya12, cablondi and kirkir... I love this! wohoo! Welcome to the land of my positive tude! (well, today at least.) :D

Today was fan - fricking - tastic... got loads done.

And I'm almost late for the bus... so later.


well... I'mma sitt'en and working on some layout stuff ... basking in the feel of a really great day wrapping up.

Oh wait.. Actually, I'm just writing this from a laptop connected via satelite phone ... as I get ready to leave on a final summit assault above the clouds on K2. Some geeky guy is working at my 'puter and I left my cam on to keep a record of his activities... you know, make sure he doesn't type with dirty fingers etc.

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I got a big bowl of fresh ripple regular potatoe chips... and they are yummy!
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