April 17th, 2001


Morning Lj

You know... once upon a time, Lianna sent around a reference to a product called TalkSender (www.talksender.com)... and I gotta say, I'm still using this thing like crazy... it's great. Its a little application that you run to send voice messages embedded in email messages.. Works well and it's a no-brainer setup.

Monday! ahahhaha ok, it's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday.

~ it's blue day! Blue boxers under blue cargos (no swish swish) with blue mock-neck and groovy blue point zero sweater with the useless but silver zippered pocket on the sleeve (and, of course, dem big-ass shoes)
~ to retype a report that has somehow been lost on the computers at work (shit and dam!) - total frigging waste of time!
~ a bunch of client contact stuff...
~ to stay by the phone just in case miss banana has any free time on her Ottawa adventure...
~ I could find more time at night... oh wait... I could just not read Lj .... ahhahahahahahaa... yea... that's gonna happen. ROTFLMAO!
~ for a big beautiful house to fall out of the sky and NOT land on my sisstah! Kristy, but right beside her would be nice... :D
~ fzzzzzt... oops! a whole bunch of wishes came true this weekend... Lisa came home in one piece, wonder woman has a little fight left, and I had peace in my home for the whole dern long weekend (wow!!!)

Did you see that sansouci message today... hehe... talk about surprise visit...
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holy gods...

I am such a lazy biatch today... well not really but I'm having a real problem doing what they pay me for... LOL...

Glossgirl? I have read your entire journal ... LOL and I gotta say that if you want anyone to come visit you and slap the biscuit a few times... I'm your man! She is basically sounding like the fictitious person created to be an antagonist in an "Assertiveness Training Workshop" ... my only considered opinion is that that family comes first but that they're supposed to be the first to understand when you put your partner first... so stick to being happy with your man... mom will deal... theres a lot of time to make her happy... and besides, grand kids are gonna make her a lot more happy than peace between you and the HB ever will... (sugar? you have got to take pictures at the wedding... haha - Leather, Vegas, Motorcycles... sheesh... what a scream!)
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ps. Glow in the dark Lip Gloss... would that be fun or what?

And when you turn out the lights...
Are you still so tough?
Are you still so drop dead sexy?
Can you hold your own when the mask is gone...

Everybody has soft spots in the dark baby...
What ya gonna do when I cant see that look in your eye?
Kiss me madly... lick me hard.
I can feel that in the dark.

The sound of a long, long zipper...
Ripping fabric...
Breathing hard, and slapping skin.

The lights couldn't make you taste any better.
Now wipe that evil grin off your face... and sit still...
You're gonna like this.
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(no subject)

Can't help it... I got a big ol' love on for super heros. My fav. is thisgirl. Her cape is looking especailly cool today. I love this girl, no question - well, in the most appropriate of ways, of course. :D
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people people... pay not attention to the crazy people behind the curtain!

Lord love a duck?
I remember.
It's not so easy to forget... some peeps have gravity like nothing else... but why does gravity attract derision? why are there issues?

Anyways... I'm feeling pretty smug here... I got a mention in something called a gabbymoe (did I get that right) and I never knew it... almost makes me wanna say "Hey, were else do peeps rag on me?" almost but NOT FUCKING QUIT! Cause I just don't give a rats ... thingamajobbie...

I absolutely totally and completely love this place and the friends I have here... you ALL totally make me alive... among other things...

Opps... look at the time.. Gotta run for a bus.
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Hiya Lj... life is grand. Waiting to watch Dark Angel on tape in a bit... I keep putting little bitty bits of time to working on the web pages... I love working on a project like that... just a general interest project... not "work"

I wanted to make a short wish for my pal nextproblem! I hope you settle soon and get comfortable. Life can be beautiful... and it will be! really.

I was chatting with a bud a minute ago and we're talking about buffy... and I say that "sure" I like the show... It's got fight'en chicks and a cool plot line... although the "fighten chicks" part is pretty much the big draw...

And she comes back with... (get ready) "So that's why you like it in Lj so much..."


Hey, nordicgrrl? Deb is it? House hunting is harsh... but the goal - at the end - is worth it. It's like child birth... wicked hard to get through it but once you're there... you almost (shhhhh I said "almost"!) forget how hard it was to get there...

toosweet? sugar? a little candel is burning on my window sill for you ... I hope the med's help that ouchi tummy. (can you believe we actually talk like this! wow)

Later Lj... I wish so many wishes every day for the people I meet here... I am clearly a wishing bandit!

okok... gotta go... lil'Miss Alba is a calling... dum de dum...
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