April 16th, 2001



mmmm another day of not being at work!

~ sweat pants and top...
~ a grin cause my pal Lisa is home!
~ to find the time to chat with HER
~ to maybe go see "spy kids" with George...
~ woah! too many wishes!!!!

time for a little...

Bar-B-Q... first one of the spring...

We took Geo to Spy Kids today... good movie ... well, good for kids and Z & I enjoyed it as well. Interesting feature of the flick... the strong character was the young girl! Kind of empowering I think.

Now, on a completely diff topic:

I am possessed by the desire to whisper the words

t i g h t ,
s l i p p e r y ,
s m o o t h.

hmmmmm, wonder why?


I just rubbed about 3 gallons of aveno into my hands... the sucking sounds my hands were making were a clear indication that dry skin has been a bit of a prob.

We went to the park (the whole fam) after dinner to fly georges "air hog" air powered plane... fun but we broke a wing... so we played soccer for a while then piled in the van to come home (we drove to a particularly big open park for flying the plane.

The van wouldent start! Called road side assist and we all walked home... just got back from driving the car (It started when the tow truck showed up - of course!) to the dealership and got a ride home... I'm gonna ream out Ford Credit tomorrow and tell them to break the lease on that fricking van... it's had soooooo many problems.

so, I'mma just sitting here working on some code for the new web site, and reading Lj.... the cam is on! :D

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anybody wanna recommend a good web counter / stats service... a free one.. the one i have and really like doesn't take any new free counters.. :(