April 12th, 2001



ok... happy happy happy.... giddy little kiddy...
The demo went so well I'm just shaking... hahahaha....
what a huge relief ... ~ weight lifts off shoulders.

~ the charcoal black suit
~ the no-tie, collarless silk shirt - basically a nipple exploder... all day ... :D
~ more silk boxers, rockports and a little D&G
~ a big smile 'cause this big-ass stress-city demo went so well
~ to kick back and chill this four day weekend...
~ to write a couple of reports and procedures this aft...
~ to watch and totally enjoy the turn of events that will undoubtably occur on my fav TV show tonight.. (S2)
~ I had some idea how I could say something usefull to my dear friend in england that is just not having a very good time at all with the punk-ass'ed Chemo-therapy treatments... I hope she knows that my heart is full of care, concern and love for her little self... and if her hubby-to-be can possibly understand that I mean that in the most non-threatening, considered way possible it would sure be a good thing!
~ that more nights in my life will be like last night... good non-arguing convo's with Z... love and cuddles with the boiz... and a decent sleep (thanks for not waking up in the middle of the night Edward.. :D)

Am I a nut case? come on somebody go ahead and tell me... 'cause the world is a bit pink for me behind these shades. I walk through life bursting with emotions... love comes so easily and I just tend to ignore peeps that dislike me... I regularly collapse with laughter and I cry at stupid things like coca-cola commercials.. (Shit, I can still see Mean Joe Green thowing his ripped jersy at that little kid).

Later Lj. Peace out homies ...
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Note to self: Don't tell the receptionist about how this shirt makes my nipples hard.
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It just does not stop... hahahaa...

So I'm in the bosses office (her name is Kim ... she's great btw) with a couple of guy project officers... and of course the nipple boi thing comes up and she jokes that I'm gonna start wearing silk shirts all the time cause the little 'devils' wont relax... and I say... "Well I'm wearing silk boxers..." and ... All Eyes travel down my chest and stop with peals of laughter as they catch themselves...

I love this place ... working here that is... good company... good peeps.
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Happy Long Weekend peeps

Today... heck.. this week! Is a wrap!

Later Lj... cam land awaits... hehe.

Peace out and in ...

And Laini? Because you just not done yet! There's a lot to do still! Please wait... just a little longer.