April 11th, 2001


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g'night Lj... today has been an interesting day ... that's for sure.

a day filled with decision making... and evening filled with thoughts... what will tomorrow bring? besides a busy as hell day at work?



soaking through and through, then you handed me a towel...

Mornin... This is an official "wrapped and slapped" day... client meeting at 11:00 and the demo for tomorrow is way way not ready... corto does not get go home till it's made in the shade... and my guys are doing the production roll out for our Stats Canada project tonight! eak!!!

~ now listen carefully, cause this doesn't happen often... but the sales person for todays show asked for 'dress up'....
~ silk boxers... ('cause their fun)
~ charcoal two piece suite, new and comfy.
~ tommy h. grooven shirt, white with these sorta stitched vertical lines (and the "oh is that a tommy?" stitched button holes... :D
~ silk mickey tie (new from the trip to disney a while ago)
~ rockports...
~ D&G 'just cause!
~ to meet the corp's vp today,
~ go to Transport Canada for some client stuff
~ get my demo ready...
~ count my lucky stars....
~ a world of wishes for my friend,laini, way far away in england. You will find yourself in the mirror one day very very soon.
~ I could find out how things are going for dear lisa over in Norway...
~ peeps would remember the damd hill! (kitykity knows exactly where her litter box is... she's a good girl.)

I was really happy to see such insightfull posts from lianna this morning...

Has everybody gone to visit the nakedparts community... can you say OMG? - he says trying not to remember the whole cheek incident.. :P

I am so in love... it's just overwhelming... I love this feeling... all squishy and warm. (intentionally inconclusive here!! :D)
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So... about that last post...

The client meeting... (hence: my suit) went great!

Now it's all demo development for the rest of the day...

Later Lj.


so.... what an amazing day...

Quick shout out to my new pal Renee... a glossy girl from Maryland... HI renee...

Kids stuff:
The boiz tormented the hell out of Z today. Funny but if Ed wakes up foul, his day is golden... Today he woke up, walked into mommy's room (Geo was where I left him when I bolted for the bus.. on the couch eating an english muffin watching Blues Clues) and delicately tickled her neck till she woke up. He proceeded to be possessed by the devil and all HIS disciples for the day. hahaha...

He (Edward) has been through the "Witches Hat" phase.. everything can be turned on an angle or broken to have the appropriate angle and (to him) look like a witches hat. That's all but done now. See if you bite the top off a witches hat you get a Bolcano... that's a volcano to you and me.

So, while Z gets the Egg painting stations all set-up today (big huge monster mistake for a day like today - :D) Ed is in the family room dumping out a Hot Wheels garage of 40 or 50 cars... and Z can hear him talking about balcanoes... He piles up the cars and grabs the top car and launches it over his head like a rock exploding out of the top of a volcano.. Thank you sooo much Museum of Natural History!!!! Well the sound of Ed making the blow-up noise and the sound of the car hitting something became further and further apart... hence he was tossing them harder and harder.. until SMASH... He took a CHUNK out of the wall in the family room. All I can say is that he had to really fricking chuck that baby to almost imbed it in the wall... he's only three... wow.

Work Stuff:
Today was mostly scrambling to get a presentation / demo ready for tomorrow... and the whole bleeping thing crashed at like 4:00... crap! any ways, we had backups and rebuilt the demo... it's for some high ranking muckedy mucks from our department of national defense.... It's tomorrow morning at 8:30 ... mind numbingly busy day today...

My coworker (who's wife had the baby last week - Victoria) came to work with the baby today... yummy cute little goober...

On another goofy note... Our Ebiz group had to fire some dude today for a variety of good reasons... seems he wasn't much into being fired... so he wouldn't leave... hahahaha... the cops had to come in and drag 'em out and then proceed to stand guard in front of out building all day... sheeshh.... dude... can you say "references"???
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