April 10th, 2001


I don't wanna work... I just wanna bang ....

... All "Bang" references aside... thinking about a question in the sextips community from yesterday ... hehehe

~ yup... it's a swish swish day today... pockets everywhere and the unmistakable sound of a snowsuit following me around...
~ totally fav shirt ... dark blue long sleeves with the orange horizontal stripe... right across my chest... makes me think this shirt would look pretty dam good stretched across a woman's ummm... ladies.
~ D&G cause I keep hearing that I smell good...
~ to totally freak out with being busy today...
~ get a presentation (with massive product demo) ready for Thursday
~ put the wraps on a doc set for our Stats Canada project.
~ get ready for a Suit Day tomorrow... stuffy clients and the real reason I was ironing shirts Sunday night...
~ that I hear from my super pal Kristy (who i really wanna call Krysti - btw) 'cause I worried 'bout her all night...
~ there was some way to walk through a door and be in Harrison Township and just basically give my pal Kellie an entire day of corto kiddi care just 'cause it'd be great to help her out. (I'm thinking about you today lil'daized girl)
~ that I could sit on a big comfy couch (sofa?) with Maura for the evening and watch a sappy movie.... I think I'd feel like i was in heaven...
~ my pal gailbird gets through today and finds the chance to get the R&R she needs to make it till the weekend.
~ I knew how bourbonstreet was doing... !!!!!
~ people that want to carry or own guns in the city limits would all just shut the phuque up and go to hell... :D (but i'm not wearing a chip on my shoulder hahaha!)

Is Stephi_banana, otherwise known as Steph, or Stephanie - but absolutely not Stephi, the cutest woman on the planet... how come she's not hosting a talk show? They could call it "Steph's Bottom Lip! Want some?"

What do I think about when I listen to Uncle Kracker? follow me and I'll show you... please get well sugar.

oh, look'et... Lakme filtered me out! :D
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Alert alert... I actually just found two people with actual real-life senses of humour in my office... wow.
(sorry... totally useless post... but utterly inspired...)

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I'm eating a fresh toasted stone ground, oven baked montreal bagel with cream cheese.. and a slice of the worlds best pizza... just imagine a whole page of the word "YUM"..


Let's talk about sex bay-bee
Let's talk about you and me...
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sex...
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hiya Lj.. another tuesday night and no new Dark Angle... basically... no Miss Alba fix. :D (rats)

Um... I registered my copy of Chill cam and I'm holding my breath for their next release that will include a decent streaming feature... (hope hope)... the cam is on and note that the page it loads in is constantly being modified... like modified tonight... the 'remote' click works.

ps. that stephany girl... the banana one... boy oh boy... does she ever have big capital letters... :D
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