April 2nd, 2001



ever notice how most peeps - that's most, but not all - on LiveJournal have really good breath?
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Dancing in my chair....

Big Yup ... yup (a quiet little yup)... waving arms over his head, liking the music... giggling a bit over the memory of Cheese Boi hauling Scari over that wall and dumping her on her back.. (:D) and content in the knowledge that I look better today than I did yesterday at this time!
Morning Lj.
~ dolce and gabbana cologne cause Liz thinks it's tops...
~ cotton cargo's that do not go "swish" and a point zero sweater with a useless zipper pocket on the sleeve.
~ wrap up two projects at work and verify that they remained profitable... ahhh the small details.
~ to get my groovy smart guy buddy at work to help me with fixing sendmail on my server...
~ that my life was further down the path of 'correcting' the things that are wrong in my marriage... but patiently workin it...
~ that I didn't have a headache. (I'm the guy that half the office - bois and girz - come to when they have a headache... it's either the advil in my desk drawer or the neck and shoulder rubs I give 'em to help 'em deal that draws them to me - but who do I go to?)

Sixtyten... it's prob'ly inexplicable, but I just think you are fantastic. Nothing's really prompting that ... It just kind of bubbled up and needed saying!

pssssssssst: hey kristy (who is actually krysti in my head) ... he will be back and boi is he a good fit!

oh, and Lisa, (out comes the dr.demento cloak - sorry) you can't help how you feel so stop being so hard on yourself. You are worth the sun, the moon and the stars... to me and so many - but 'specially to him. If he's worth owning those feelings he'll understand.

Kellie? put your hair back in a pair of pony tails and play. Love is one powerful little power gem!

hey... just a quick "Hi how are ya!" to a new friend... I'm glad your here... I've been waiting for you! (:D) I need a webwiz in my life....
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pigs and chickens

Ok... this could be old news to many but it's new to me!

Theres this concept ... well, it's something... It goes like this:

The pig and the chicken decide to have breakfast together...
The chicken says "Lets have bacon and eggs."
To which the pig replies "Oh sure. That takes commitment on my part... you're merely 'involved'.!"

The illustration being that some things need "chicken involvement" while others require "pig commitment".

Sorta like being an aunt or uncle versus being a mommy or a daddy... dig?
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Ok... t-minus 2 days and 23 hours.
She's all back and working like a charmer... my server is all better now!
corto is a very very happy camper...
Now I can turn to my web page development again... and get the dern cam up and running..