April 1st, 2001



Hey Lj... I'm a dancing all over... (ok, not so much.. kinda tired-as-hell actually! :D)
But it's 2:09 am. and like 2 minutes ago I managed to solve the last of Mr. Murphy's rantings... all the little nigglin details that cropped up trying to rebuild my firewall server with Linux RedHat 7. The dam thing would not recognize my older ISA 3com NIC... I finally worked around that and voila.
I know, no big deal. But at least now I can get back to work on the graphics for the web site that will have my Cam integrated... (hehehe :DDDDD <-- can ya tell I'm excited... no seriously I cant wait!)

CAM Question!!
I'll go check Kathleens thread of advice for her cam for the software titles that peeps were recommending but can anyone tell me if these apps are what you use to push the regular cam shots up to your web server? or just manage the cam shots...? ahhh maybe that doesn't make sense.? All I've done so far is load up the software that came with the cam and it's pretty basic integration stuff.

Hockey Game tomorrow... Back in the company Box at the Corel Center
(yes I'm gloating a bit... it's a sold out game and this one is a reward from the bosses boss to our team so YEA!)

So later Lj and be nice...
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well... morn'en Lj...
I still need to fix up my http config so i can my domain's back up again, but soooooon... and I gotta say that the cam shots of me first thing in the morning are gonna be scarrrrrriiiii (ohhhhhhhh - ahhhhhhhh)
So, lets see, went to be at 3:30, which was actually 4:30, then I got up at 8:00 which was actually 9:00 so thank the lord the kids were good and sleepy... Z is still cruz'en with the dream birds and me? I'm noticing that ladyfire is online ... so later ' cause maybe I'll get to chat (:D)
Oh, and it's a hockey day! Go Sentators!!!!


Well two things are on my mind!
1: Lakme? you deleted your journal again.
2: This post from Brad (the guy behind the curtain of livejournal) really makes me think... pathetic as this sounds... I am totally phuquing addicted to Lj... if Lj goes away? (ahhhhhhhh) I hope we can meet again somewhere else... because I'm not really addicted to Livejournal, am I? I'm addicted to YOU!


See, every morning ('specially on work daiz) George has this thing he want's to do... When I go for a shower, he grabs his "Big Bear" and my housecoat... and spreads the housecoat on the floor, uses the bear for a pillow and wraps his little self up like a cocoon. The fun for him is pretending he's gone (hiding under the coat) when I get out of the shower and then he POPs up and says boo! It was cute the first hundred times... put I'm a patient dad.
So this morning, Z is sleeping and I wanna have a shower so BOTH boiz come into the can and get all wrapped up on the floor pending glorious shouts of boo!
Any ways... there is a point to this! :D
I'm standing there... in the shower stall, drying off, with George and Ed (5 and 3) laying on the floor in the can - post "boo!" - playing with stuff. Ed looks up at me and saiz:
Ed: "you have a big one!" (and he's pointing at the bald squatchie)
Me: "hmmmm?"
(note, to a three year old, George Castanza (Seinfeld) fresh from a cold swimming pool, has a big one.. so there's no real complement there!)
Ed: "You have a big one, and I have a tiny one... and George has one that's..." (and he makes this cirlce'ish motion with his hands...)
Me: "Huh? What's George got?"
Ed: (more hand gestures...)
Me: (generally dumbfounded)
Ed: "You know... BelliButtons... You have a big one... I have a little one, and George has a really really round one... "
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