March 27th, 2001



~ swish swish pants...
~ big turtle neck
~ dem shoes...
~ a "i've got too much work to do..." scowl
~ to solve problems in montreal ("You!, collect your stuff... you're going to Montreal in 20 minutes... plan on staying in a hotel")
~ to pull a fricking rabbit out of my hat on another project...
~ I could spell (Hi Kym...)
~ I had transmografier so I could get my hands on a few good men (clones! this is supposed to be a joke... :D)
~ the only problem I had was how to sweep the sand out of the beach hut I was living in down in sunny Aruba.
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Stop what your doing and say the word Goblette out loud!
Nothing bad can come from this.
goblette goblette goblette

(edit) or ... of course... goblet - for those of you that are picky... :D