March 26th, 2001


sugar jones

Man I already feel stupid...
Dinner tonight was at my sister in-law's house for a multi niece and nephew birthday extravaganza... the gaggle of girls that are my bro-in-law's kids faithfully watch the TV show POPSTARS. Being a really big fan of the only album by the band Bardot (the band that came out of the Australian version of Popstars) I have been maintaining a passing interest ... Tonight we watched - to the peals of outrage from my nieces - as the producers of the show elected to name the Popstars band "SugarJones" ... a totally stupid name.

Now, I expect a reasonable amount of ribbing for this but what the heck...

Ps. This weekend rawked in many ways...I didn't do some things I would have liked to (wink) but I sure as hell had a lot of fun with Z the boiz. They (the boiz) are sleeping the sleep of very-weary. But alas... here comes Monday.
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here wer go...

toes tapping... fresh coffee on my desk (hehe - in a cup!), still got a little tickle in my throat (but tough), the sun is shining and it is looking like it's gonna be a fantastic week. Get my performance review this week... (thursday) :D

~ bit over the top - but heck it's a monday! - dark grey dress pants
~ brushed silk, colarless shirt (yes... it's the nipple popper - my nipps just turn to bullets when I put this shirt on and they stay that way all day...)
~ the shine on the rockports from that party Z and I went to is still looken good!
~ to go a buy a cam at lunch!!!! I'm gonna have to buy the 3com "lite" for purely financial reasons...
~ get time sheet stuff started... (ug X 5)
~ that I was stepping off a plane in cali to go and meet my homie Kristy so I could tell her fact to face what an increadable woman she is... :D
~ that I could zip to Boston and hold the hand of a beautiful woman while she gets a phone call from far, far away.
~ the best for my pallaini- all the way over in england - as she starts a new week of fighting an evil bitch (cancer)... you are gonna win baby...
~ I could go to Virginia and just cuddle that cute cute cute little zoe... hahaha she is such a darling little baby. Jane... you are wonderful for posting the pics.

Later Lj...
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Ok, so we rented ... ooops... back up ... I rented two movies this weekend... Armageddon and X-men (gotta love the DVD!!!). Z's first comment was "hmmmm... great... enjoy em". I pointed out that I watched "Autumn in New York" or whatever the heck that drivel was called (Richard Gere, Wynona...) so she could at least give X-men a chance....

Well... well .... well... You know that whole "Friends" (TV show) inspired List thing? As in ... the list of names of famous people that if they showed up on your front step saying "take me... take me now" the likelihood is that you not fricking hesitate... regardless of your marital status... Well the boi that plays Wolverine... made Z's list in a heart beat. She said she rather enjoyed the movie... perhaps it's because her expectations were soooo low that it wasn't hard to top them... But Logan (Wolverine) really got her motor running...

So,... (and talk about yer segue...) who's on your list? My list is incomplete... for sure Chalize Theron is on mine along with Shirley Manson ... but I'd have to think for a bit ... hmmm... Ashley Judd!
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time to call it a day... "Its a day!"

holy crap! I am officially back in the land of being wrapped and slapped with work... it's officially wwf style smack down time with corto and a project that just will not phuquing die... come hell or high water.. by friday this has to be an old project... a "previous project" if you can dig that... arrrgggg.

It's time to call it quits for the day and find my way to a bus. I gotta print out an entire day of Lj posts from the greatest people on earth (my Lj friends...!!!!) for commute reading material. I hope I get a chance to reply to stuff tonight....

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