March 19th, 2001


what made you think of that?

"We play all the best rock and killer classics... The Bear, 106.9"
So we're driving and I hear this... heard it a million times...
I think to myself "killer" ahhhh,... remember the movie "The Killers" staring Ronald Reagan. You know something like that in his past - a staring role in a movie called "The Killers" and he still managed to have a positive enough profile to be elected... But he was one of those entertainment industry people that went into politics... There that wrestler governor, there's Clint Eastwood, oh, and there was Sonny Bono. Then I think... geee, I wonder if he would have ever made it to president... but he died... how did he die?
So I pipe up - remember, we're just driving along in the car listening to the radio - and I say "Hon?, remember Sonny Bono... he died... didn't he die in a skiing accident? Slam into a tree?"
Zebra replies that yes indeed that's how he died...
The point is... this is typical guy behavior... well it is for me at least and I don't think I too far on the edges of normal. So when you guy asks some completely out of blue question... just go with it. There was some oddball line of reasoning that got him there and it happened just 'cause!!

Monday Monday....

can't trust that day....!

John Phillips (the mamas and the papas) passed away this weekend. So, do a little California Dream'en in his honour today...

~ corp. logo denim shirt with totally static charged cargo's... (hey everybody... look! those are my shins)
~ little D&G (hi Liz)
~ dem shoes....
~ to take off to a client site and cover for one of my guys that's sick-like-doggy at home right now...
~ to get-the-phuque-over being sick like doggy myself.. (cough cough cough ... ahhhhahhhh hack!)
~ I could affort to send one of those big goofy horseshoe things of flowers to a radio station in Charlottesville for my friend's birthday.
~ I could go to and see another friend and remind her that she is a wonderful person, no-so-stupid like she's feeling, and help her with love and kindness.... something we all deserve on a regular basis.
~ that "being in remission" was actually happening for my buddy laini. (you know you'll be home soon sugar... soon.)
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Someday soon...

Ok... you know after like a year and a half of this, it's started to get under my skin a bit... I mean, like clock work, at about 3:30 am plus or minus an hour (ok, so it's crummy clockwork), George sleepily wakes up, climbs from his bed, grabs his "big bear" and staggers to out room. This once big and soft and fluffy, now matted, flat and actually very pathetic giant white teddy bear - as big as any five year old, is his pillow of choice and has been since he was 1. He flops that bear down on the edge of my side of our King Size bed, and crawls under the edge of the covers and goes back to sleep.

This has been a constant source of Kiddious Interuptus ... forcing mom and dad onto the kitchen table (grin...) no, seriously though, it's all cute but it's a pain in the butt sometimes... I mean, he has a wicked cold? There he is coughing in my face as I wake up... he - all 45 lbs of him can actually be a bit of a bed hog! and so I'll end up squished between him and Zebra - both of 'em saw'en away... aargggg.

So, I've got this hacking cough cold-stage thing goin on. George is just starting to get a cold, and Ed is in full runny noise phase... When I'm doing story time with George tonight we're reading propped up on pillows on my bed (hoping Ed will be asleep by the time I get George into bed - they share a bedroom, their choice). After the story I talk to George about maybe sleeping overnight in his bed 'cause dad's got this nasty cough... He is oh so calm and without missing a beat says "Sure, I can do that. No problem dad."

Stop.... Rewind!

Every delightful moment in my memory of his delicate, cute like crazy lil'self lying there on our bed... the noise he makes when he's stumbling into our room at night... the fact that he is basically this warm little teddy bear... comes welling into my thoughts... and it occurs to me that someday... someday soon, he will simply outgrow this and it will stop. Forever.
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