March 12th, 2001



From the land of snow and ice... there is a beautiful day unfolding. Very sunny, very nice day...

~ darlin dark blue sox, black b.u.m. equip boxers, rockports and that's it... just walkin around in my boxers in downtown ottawa. Ok, so I 'm not ...
~ monday gear! Dress pants, nice shirt, fav sweater... tending towards dark.
~ the dress pants piss-me-off... they were my 'fat boi' pants last year... they're tight. (errg)
~ to focus on one of my projects today... clients actually pay us for me to pay attention to them... go figure.
~ to say calm.
~ staying calm was easy...
~ for a majic wand.
~ i understood why I found it erotic when somebody told me they were *inserting wet finger into Corto's ear* :D
Note: Edward is at this stage of language development where pronouns and personal pronouns are a total mess. It is amazingly cute. I'll try to track a few examples into Lj. "Daddy... Mom's upstairs still... I want she to be come with us!"
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what the heck is it about being in a rush that makes all the head-rest drivers emerge from their hiddy holes? You know the guys... you're on the road... you come to an intersection ... you look in the read window of the car in front of you and all you can see are head rests... you just know that there is some wisen'ed old dude hunkered down in the bucket seat... watching the road through the little creseant of space between the dash board that the top of the stearing wheel arch... and these people are in no rush what so ever... sheesh... you'd think they'd be in a huge rush... what with TIME RUNNING OUT and all.
Ok... gotta go. later Lj.