March 10th, 2001


Hi again.

Hiya Lj.
I've kinda been away... did ya miss me?
Things have gone a "little south" lately on the home front but I'm working on it, like a good daddy should. The fact that I'm such a Lj addict is a small but significant part of the problem... and like every good addict, I got every excuse in the book for not leaving it behind. I don't know if this is just a really hard part of "a" relationship (kids at this age) or if it's just a really hard part of "our" relationship... but I have some really good friends to help me work through it. I know I have to work "it" out with Z but sometimes, good advice is priceless.
Lets see... a few things that have happened lately:
We were all getting ready for bath time two nights ago and a wee nekkid Ed decided to reach across the bathtub for a toy... slipped and did a face plant on the faucet. Ouch. He put his tooth through the skin below his lip... kinda bit through from the outside. I had to boogi to the clinic where they used a little surgical glue to close the cut. He got a hell of a fat lip... and - in combo with the cut on his upper gums, managed to produce a huge volume of blood ... mouth wounds really get gross... He's ok, really. In fact, here's a pic of him from this morning... wearing Z's party girl shoes. :D

Last night we went to the "Champaign on Ice Gala fundraiser"... it's a big fancy spancy gala held at the Corel center (home of the Ottawa senators). It this big fund raiser for the community center where z works. We were volunteers working the "prize" table... This was like 500 people dressed to the nines... and most of them had money to burn... which they were doing in vast quantities... the incidental events (silent auction, prize table, service tips) added up to over 60,000 buckeroos. Here's a picci ...