March 6th, 2001


ready, set,... go!

~ it's blue day...
~ navy blue cotton cargos ... pockets pockets everywhere...
~ white sox and boxers...
~ really nice mock neck light blue
~ dark blue 'point zero' sweater...
~ and, of course, dem shoes...
~ a whole basket of work for my current contracts... so very little Lj today...
~ to reschedule "rock climbing" and schedule "clothes buying" (for friday nights big event)
~ I could send airplane tickets to all my lj friends and their families and bring them all to some gorgeous location for a week long party...


ack ... I should be working... but I can't help it... quick story...
Do ya remember Salt'n'Peppa... singing ... "Ooo baby baby..." doing those little 'getting jiggy wid it' dances that (no racism intended but) only black girls* can pull off in music videos... ??? the song "Push It" by Salt'n'Pepper... can you get that tune in your mind... Oooo baby baby, b b b baby... Got it.
Ok. so our admin assistant sits at the front of the office... I'd call her a receptionist, 'cept she isn't one and deserves my remembering that... ANY WAYS!!! the idea is that I just couldn't get this stupid ass song out of my head... and as I'm walking past the admin's desk, I picture the two of us doing a kind of 'talent show / kerioki' thing ... both of dressed in gold shinny short shorts (she's not tiny) with gold shirts, doing that little dance singing that chorus... (note: the song playing in my headphones includes - as you no doubt know - the line "give it to me baby" as does the S'n'P song... AND the previous song on my play list was "Push It - Garbage" hmmm wonder why the song was in my head...)
Ok, keeping a long story LONG (sorry) the point is... I had this thought and it only took an instant to completely picture this... and I collapsed in laughter... no seriously... I was doubled over holding my knees with tears coming down... and, of course, people are asking "what's so funny..." and I just could not explain it... nope... not a chance...
there's a line from a movie in the very deepest background of my memory of a guy saying "Sometimes I just think funny thoughts... "

what a goof... I know ... I know...

* black girls : if I'm actually saying something racist here... you're gonna have to deal. I really don't mean to and I'm certain that everybody really does know what I mean about the dancing although I'm also just a sure any girl or boi can dance that way... the imagery works best this way... k! No offense intended...
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ok Today is a winner.

Today was clearly a much better day (well so far) than yesterday... I am once again comfortable in the knowledge that I am "one lucky duck".
My friends bring out so much that is good in me and rewarding to experience.. (right now, I'm talking about this diva, but in general my Lj friends are pretty amazing...)
I'm currently printing out the BAZILLION posts you guys made today... sheesh... I wonder what I missed... and I'm gonna read 'em all on the way home from work... which is a journey I begin in like 5 minutes... so...

Later LJ.
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