March 1st, 2001



Note: spoiler from the finally of The Mole in here...

hey Lj... long day today.
wicked long night... ug! (that should be a ugX5)
Ed was sound asleep on the couch (sofa) when I got home from work at 5:30. He had been since 3:30 and he stayed that way till 7:30... THEN he woke up.
Well! (said with a big dramatic exhail)
It's cool when your kiddies are still little enough that when you describe them as "giving you some lip" what you mean is the "I am definately, absolutely about to start crying" bottom lip is sticking right out there.
Saw lots and lots of "lip" tonight. Ed finally went to bed and fell asleep between crying jags* at... i guess around 11:00. Very late for Ed... huge late.
It's no contest - for me - that the show "The Mole" is the best concieved of the current crop of reality TV shows... regardless of how well they pulled off the series, it's got the most "game". I was totally impressed with the info they dished out during the final episode. And Katherine? wow. she did a great job as the mole. My favorite line from the whole series has got to be her diss'en the boiz (Steven and Jim) about the "three hotel room" challenge... "And there they were gabbing on the phones like a couple of school girls." But those guys... the plotting they had to do! wow. Lets team up, and focus on Katherine being the mole and convincing everyone else it's one of us and pick 'em all off. wow.
Temptation Island was a utter waist of air. Sorry... but I love to watch people suffer that actually competed and ultimately begged for the chance to suffer in front of a camera... but this show only had maybe 3 memorable moments and you had to really stretch for those... and the finally was awful.
ps. billy? how many times can someone get the letter L tattooed on themselves before they start to overlap?
Anyways... g'night lj... I've been reading soo many new people lately ... it really feels like a major new chapter in the big book of Lj. It's nice. My Lj buddies really manage to make my days... there's always something ... You people kick ass!
peas all over (with butter... more slippy that way).
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Another Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Allyn

I cannot even recall when I met this guy but if you don't know him on Lj... you're missing something fine!

Top 10 reasons to want Allyn to have a great Birthday!!
10. He lives in Cali... and after yesterday in Seattle... well, the clocks ticking...
09. This guy is a fantastic supporter of his main squeeze and wonder-girl Jodi.
08. Some cali boiz live'en on the cusp of art actually dress-up real well... Allyn is one for sure...
. (OK, note: I had every intention of linking back to a cool picture of Allyn and Jodi dressed up for their Christmas party but the picture is gone.
07. Any couple that hair-colours each others hair deserves well wishing on birthdays...
06. He has remained my Lj friend despite the fact that I kept getting graphic about the recent vasectomy!!! :D
05. Did I mention that he has great hair?
04. Did I mention that his main squeeze (Jodi) looks like somebody from the movies?
03. This guy can cook!!! always give well wishes to people that can cook and live in places you want to visit!
02. (shhhhh no. 2 is top secret!!)
01. And the number one reason that I want Allyn to have a great birthday? The guy is a witch! Exactly how many bad reasons are there to have witches on your friend list? None!

Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birdday to you... Happy Birfday dear Allyn... Happy Birthday to you....
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Well clearly my friend Krizsa is wearing a little less today than usual!!! :D
(ps. whatever is making you low... no fair and I hope you climb back up...)

~ b.u.m. equip boxers (swing low sweet chariot!!!! yea ha!)
~ swish swish pants (charchol grey with a zillion pockets)
~ fav dark blue t with white accents...
~ dem big shoes 'gain.

~ to leave for a clients site any second... and kill half the day there...
~ to really enjoy watching survivor tonight... (it's a good thing they used a helicopter to rescue whoever got hurt... cause if they came in with a horse or something to carry the wounded... Mike would have killed it for food!)

~ my pal debby gets to ream someone out on the phone today - this is gonna make her feel way WAY good.!!!!
~ my friend Laini is feeling well and doesn't worry about Monday... everything will be alright... 'cause you are stronger...
~ Ladyfire (Lisa - the really cool Norway Picture girl) finds the strength she needs... she misses her love and that's gotta suck.
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Well now... it's a thursday... some lil'hootie here in Lj land kinda got me thinking today...
but I'll come back to that!
First order of business is that is is a survivor night = good night for me! This will mean that I will go into hybernation away from Lj 'cause I tape the show and I don't wanna see anything that gives away plot elements... Then at 8:50 I'll sneak into my garage and remind myself why I got such a kick out of magenta saying "spliferific".
I should be "just right" by the time Z and I start ff'ing through the commercials... I'm kinda leaning on the popular theory that Mike (gone native boi) burns his hands... and has to be rescued... but I'd much rather it be Nick getting consumed by a croc. What a useless boob...
A friend at work proposed that if someone on Kucha gets 86'd off the show... then they'll loose the immunity challenge and the show (read: Jeff) will allow them to vote for the person that got hurt... hence no one else goes at council... I wonder... My initial reaction is naw... that'll make too much sense.. .but they did a good job of surprising my with the Tie Vote thing...
So, anyways... seems I'm on a pretty cool wavelength with my pal the lover of pugs. I mean besides that fact that she's such a hottie and all smart, successfull, intelegent... did I mention beautiful, she lives in a place WHERE THERE IS NO SNOW. Kristy ... you are da bomb baby... what a super sisstah! what a soul sisstah! word. (erp) <- "erp" just cause I like saying "erp".
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