February 20th, 2001



hiya lj... I got nothing on the 'speedball'en' subject line... it's just a state of mind today... (quick somebody get me another coffee)
I am in this really funky place right now ... well today... super busy at work, laughing inside about some stuff from the land of tv... just going crazy with love for some of these crazy ass friends in Lj land... working on making my relationship (the one in TRW) work well... blah blah blah... just so much emotion and cafeen. Really cool combo, but it feels earily like the buzz I'd put on in HS to get make it through the day after being up partying all night.
I'm off to a clients site for the pm today... getting ready to do a little magic... turning a 15 day contract into a 45 day contract... hehehe.
But before I go... I want to nail a couple of things out of my head onto virtual paper... It's been too long since I've mentioned that I think one of the most wonderful people in the entire universe... certainly in all of our little neck of the universe... is my pal Kathleen... Ms Russell you are my top banana. Where ever you are, what ever you're doing... a tiny little crew of power puff girl wannabee mini corto's will be cruising along behind you to watch yer back.

How come I am so lucky to have friends like her... ?

ps. my friend (lainni) finished day two of chemo a while ago... she's on the other side of an ocean... and she was so pleased with the warm feelings my buddies gave to her yesterday.. you guys rawk ... thanks.

pps. September 28, 2002 will be a red letter day in this universe...

Ok. I gotta go... duty calls...

(You guys are making my life so worth it... yea, I know, real life has a lot to do with it too... but shyte... layer on Lj to a cool life and I'm feeling like a million... thanks)
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ps. don't give me any grief about speedball'en being some strange sex thingi... it's a dam fine term for generally feeling activated and groovy.



today is a wrap... major slap fest today and I gotta bolt... later guys... I've printed the whole day of LJ and I'll read ya on the buss...
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Daddy... my tummy hurts..

Wow... so, about an hour ago George was a screaming 103 degrees... some tempra, a 'tepid' clothe and some stories... he's sleeping at about 100 ... he's all sweaty now so I think it broke.
Before all the fever started... George wanted to talk to my friends so he left a note for my friend across the ocean that's try'en soooo very hard to get well and come back to her boi in cali... So lainni, click this to hear from george... if you have a sound card!!! I hope you do.
Edward has been completely enamored with everything in the shape of a triangle... I think I've talked about this before... but ever since we watched the Wizard of Oz ... everything that is remotely triangular is a "witches hat"... We come in from playing in the snow... get out of our snow pants and boots and ... oops ... we left a little crooked line of snow from a boot tread... "MOMMY... DADDY... LOOK..." We come running... "look,... it's a witches hat!!" You have just GOT TO HEAR him say this... it's so dam cute. Listen.
So, it's time to give the friend zone a quick review... later lj.
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