February 18th, 2001



lj sucken eggs tonight was a bit of a burn... a quiet night overall.
It's late and I'm soooo tired (I was up at a stupid early hour this morning with the boiz)... I think I'll go to bed and if I wake tonight... i'll look to see if those lj night owls are out...
g'night lj... tomorrow will be better!


well, I woke up to attend to a scream'en Ed and look! here I am. I actually just read all may friends back to when I left ya... I guess I should toddle off to bed... but I get to sleep in tomorrow so, ha! no rush.

so can I tell ya... having baby-butt smooth nuts (etc.) kinda rawks... hehehe! I'm feeling dead sexxa!

a couple of late night bed time wishes... k?

My goofy friend miss wiz bang (liz vang) should stop apologizing... you have every right sugar to expect more. You better believe that a friendship worth having is a 50/50 deal. and as for "telling you exactly what they are feeling" ... I'm feeling like you have an adorable right boobie, your glasses frames are very cool, and every single one of the lj head shots you have (specially the lips and stud) make me wild. You and that bottom lip should just come over hear and have a seat... the doctor will be with you shortly ... grrrrrrowwwwwllllllll...
(I know, what a goof... but if you want your friends to be honest... :D)

I'm super happy about some good vibes that tickled my special friend mauracelt. every time you have a good vibe crawl through you, I get tingles on my spine and a smile creeps across my face... I'm guessing we've got a psychic link... {{{ hugz }}}

and lastly, before I scoot back to bed... my friend capricious (cappri) seems to have become mrs... Don't bother coming down from the "I'm married high" ... milk it for all it's worth. You deserve that... I sooo hope you will post links to pictures... I would love to see some of the images you would have captured... you have a brilliant eye and a body flooded with talents... Congratulations... May peace and harmony will be your love slaves. :D

g'night (again).
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I have some of the best friends in the universe....
I'm doing serious kiddy playing so lj is gonna come second... but I thought I'd drop by to
post a quick link to a picture... The moment you've been waiting for... click here.

toe biter...

So, we're watchen tv this morning... and I look over at Ed... and he's literally sucking on his FOOT.
and it looked so hilarious...
Can you still bite your toe? (Not that I can imagine a really good reason for doing this mind you.)
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You know today was really great!
I woke up at 10 (after a bit of a sleep in) to the crew (Z, ed and george) bringing me a coffee, this cool power puff girls birthday card, a MATRIX dvd and a massage coupon. 10:02 I get up and notice some emails...
I got a call from my best RW buddie (actually, his wife... and he came on too). Then I saw my family for a b-day dinner. Next weekend my sis-in-law and I will co-celebrate birthdays with Z's family. That's typical and I enjoy the whole deal...
But add to that the 60 or so emails, dozens of special posts, and a dozen wonky internet greeting cards ... did I mention 60 plus emails?!!! - and I sit back and thing... holy gods I am the luckiest duck in the pond.
All over my little universe there are super nova explosions of good vibes and I'm practically being blinded from the light!
Thank you from the bottom of my goofy heart for the wonderful plus that has landed on this birthday.
39 is going down in the special book of pleasure that keeps my spirit 25!!
Note: I am once again being freaked by the realization that the complex relationships between friends on the friends list manages to exist with such diversity... so many of you don't know each other, yet when I see you, it is a group of friends standing in a line beside one another... as if you all knew one another before you met me. Sure, some of you... many of you are lj friend related, but still..

In fact, I went surfing Lj last night... when LJ was working... I'd click random, dive into that persons friends, pick somebody and look in their friends... In great huge lists of people, there were only a few hits against the recognition backboard. There are something like 53,000 registered journals. Awesome.
Thanks again. Reading your words and trying to understand your lives has truly enriched mine and I hope that the year to come continues to afford me this joy.
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