February 15th, 2001



hey lj... been a busy morning... but what a night.
Bath time? woah...
George has the bandaids on from the two (2) needles he got at the docs the other day... when ever he looks at them... they hurt.
Ed, as well as he was during the day, was getting ouchi in his throat by bath time...
So, bath time was tears everywhere... zebra (bless her heart) is comming down with the cold... so she's trying to get some sleep, and I have Ed coughing and crying, george just bawling... me, trying to get 'em both to relax... had to really struggle to get through that one... It's funny how a good cry can put a kidlette to sleep.
ok, I'm gonna post this to get it off my desk top , but LJ I've posted sooo little lately I feel like I'm getting backed up...
So, more to come...
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prediction time:
Ku's - loose immunity
Kick off FarmerBob - Roger.
Gone Native Boi (mike is gonna get way psycho tonight...)
... and don't be fooled, Scary-Jerri isn't going anywhere... they (the network) like her.
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nf alert...

Hiya Billijean

My gawd, I just love new friends that show up with so much class.... I like you more already than half the people I work with!!!!!
:D <- corto in a really good place...
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