February 9th, 2001


hey lj

morning lj... it's a beautiful day here in Orlando / disney...
I'm just getting ready to wonder over to my class. this will take up the day - all the way to 3:00 and then I will be writing this very serious exam. "Serious" mostly applies in that my boss is gonna be pissed if I'm not ace'en this... I won't get the mark for two weeks (arggg).
I wanted to log in and leave a quick note to say that my lj friends are very much on my mind this morning (besides the course material :D). It's a killer that I don't have the time I wish for to write to all of you and lend you my most sincere support in the challenges you face...
Can you tell I got caught up a bit on my friends zone last night? :D
I don't know if anybody remembers - hehe or even read - the bit I put out here once about how we are all sitting, arms linked, hands held, like a human wall... arranged along a scenic, mist covered hill... capable of withstanding all attacks, holding together in the face of almost anything...
That idea is so strong to me and I want you guys to know that I derive a great deal of strength from my friendships with you.
ps. hey susan (bourbonstreet!) I'm thinking about you too! :D {{hugz}}
Later lj... wish me luck.