February 1st, 2001


what are the chances...

well, they're next to nill... that is, of me being fired!!!! hahahaha... the boss is telling a story to me, and two of my peers... and I just basically turned away, slipped on the HeadPhones... cranked up this tune and started typing this!!! hahaha!!! :D I'm screaming with laughter on the inside... all demure - like I'm concentrating - on the outside...

I love high res monitors for this vary reason... So this morning is just cooking... got a scope on the BRP plan for the "canadian international development agency"... bottom line: mini project for 15 days and I get to play with tonnes of documents... arrrgggg! (that's ok, I guess). The big presentation to the grocery store chain starts in a few minutes... the clients are officially late.

mini dream time... Kym, head banging super hero from radio land (nbbmom) says she's go'en to FLA with the Men in her life... Next week!!! yikes... thats gotta be karma ... Corto breaks into an Austin Powers iimpersonation saying "Ya Baby... Ya ... Grooooooovy". How far is Palm Beach from Disney? yea I know... go look at a map. ok ok..

Any consultants out there??? can you dig that I am gonna be tripple billable for most of February... woooohooooo!!!!! that just rocks. essentially this is a good time for "word 'em up, homeslice... corto is on a roll sisstah!" (I gotta start a radio show... what'dya think Kym?)

Ack: The Hairy Beauty Spot and Heartbreaker Island.
The complete wack jobs that are the bald guy and freaky hair girl on Temptation Island just kill me. Could these people please be sedated, and whisked away to a tattoo parlor to have big-ass capital L's inscribed on their forheads??? I mean she's cute and all but she is sooooo typical of a self destructive personality and he is soooo typically a complete jerk. Ahhhh!!!! at least make sure one of them is infertile... they must not reproduce.

Speaking of reproduction: the tossed the two black players with unpronouncible names (I think it was Taheeed, and Yaa;kjdf;kdfadfadfhadkk) for having hidden the fact that they had a child... and they were the absolute worst couple on the island!!! poor kid...

The mole has got to be Steven, the undercover cop... for the same reasons that I used to think it was Jennifer... and somebody put a stick in the old guy, Charlie... he's done. what an old fart... hahahaha

Ok, I gotta go... that presentation is about to start...

later lj.
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OK Jane... what's up with zoe?? :D

So i've left Jane an IM and we see zero activity in a normally very active journal... I'm thinking the oven door may just have swung open!!! I have no other real reason to believe this so don't take my word for it... but I can dream!

I am kind of goof-ily excited about her having her baby... essentially it's the first on-line birth in my journal... and from the nature of some of my friends (little loafs of bread in ovens all over!) it will not be the last!

If your reading this and you know me at all then do me a teeny little favour - just to make me feel good - and whisper under your breath... a sweet hope of health and happiness for janedeau, her man Grey, and their new baby zoe, that is if she has managed to squeeze that little mellon out yet!!


Oh sure... the moment I post that... she posts a "nope not yet" message...

out with it girl... do some jumping jakes...

ouch... nonono... just kidding. She'll come out when she's good and ready.

take care tonight.


I was just talking to Jane and she had a contraction while we were im 'ing each other... hehehehe :D
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