January 24th, 2001


a quick wrap up

lets see...

Member I said I was gonna talk to the boss... well I did and as I 'spected she was congenial and acknowledged the issue... although no actual appology. But that's ok, she's actually a good boss and I respect her - but I did want to see how she took the talk. she passed. :)

The Betwitched shirt came in!!! I got a large and basically its a night shirt for Z. she loved it. Thanks for the link junebugg!

The big potential contract I had a hand in lining up is getting a little vapour like. The sales dude commented to my boss that it didn't look like any potential at all... now I'm gonna see the sales guy to get 'permission' to talk direct to the client... I could get (would get) fired if I talked to the client without the sales-rep's permission. arrrgggggg!!!!!!

I grabbed the new lj client. cool. it coughs a bit during the install about a dll but I just "ignored" it and everything is fine.

Oh, and way cool with gardengnome - cowboy hat gnome girl is a dern fine lil'gnome. A regular coyote!

Well g'night lj... you've been especially good to me lately. I've had some really good stuff happen for me because of you and basically, you rawk!
ps. these friends you've hooked me up with... they rawk like all get out!!!

(sleep and eat and get peacefull lianna! hugz all over.)

oh, and kathleen... yo yo yo right back atcha girl.
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ok, how many times can i rewrite my resume???? Boss-types are bidding some monster RFP for a contract with a government department and it includes all these potential candidate (read: me and my team) profiles (read: resumes). So she asks me to do such and such to my res... I do, and then it's such and such else... well we're on day three of adding 'such and such' and it's driving me batty!!!!!

ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob No really I do.

mini rant: Lj, i wanted to express my displeasure at a particular global event. There's this girl, she's 17, and her daddy wants her to get married... he's got three guys in mind. So he makes her have sex with all three of them. - one at a time of course - Well she got preggers. But it seems that being preggers and not married means you've had sex out of wedlock... and in whatever backward ass head-in-butt country this is (Nigeria), it's against the law (sex out of wedlock). Religious Law (Muslim) requires that her punishment be 100 lashes with a cane!!!! She's 17, and pregnant. They executed her sentence two days ago. She's going to live. No word on the baby. Thanks dad!

ok all done for now.
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Eye Miss. Ewe already.

I am very happy for you and I hope you let us know about your progress with the egg inside you. No matter where you go... you will have a small but important part of my heart sneak'en around with you.

Should I be proud of you? I think I will be...

Please take good care of lianna.

love and kisses from zebra, george, edward and of course me... corto.

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my turn...

-How often do you cry? hmmm, prol'y once a week, but usually just tears streaming, not bo ho ho stuff.

-What makes you cry the easiest? happiness, like today when I realized an LJ friend was getting dern close to having her baby...

-What makes you really really happy? love in all its many disguises

-Has anyone close to you ever died? yes, one of my very best friends in the Universe Peter Shellhorn - rest in peace pete, died of an overdose the night he found out he had graduated med school. go figure.

-Has anyone close to you ever committed suicide? sadly, yes. One with a pistle head shot, another with a shotgun, another hanging from a street light... all before I started college.

-How many funerals have you been to? two, they suck.

-Have you ever cried over the death of a celebrity? nope, I can't imagine doing that...

-What would be the scariest way to die (in your opinion)? alone and in pain.

-What do you do in your spare time? forgetting for a second that I never have spare time... play on my computer and let music take me higher.

-What are some of your fave restaurants? hmmm, can't remember the name, but its on a dock in Orange county? near Daytona FLA. and the other was place with a giant sculpture of a fish out front in Atlanta Georgia. All time favourite? The "Fillet of Sole" in downtown Toronto (near the Alexandria Theater??? ) off Kings street. Awsome.

-On average, how many times a week/month do you go out to eat? Go out? with kids once a month, just Z and I, twice a month. MACDONADS does not count.

What time do you wake up in the morning? 6:30am.

-What is your natural sleeping pattern? Besides "whenever I can"? ummm, bed at 1:00 am, up at 6:30 am. Except Saturday, then it's bed at 3:00 and up at 10:00.

-What made you decide to have sex for the first time? she said "ok".

-Were you in love? hmmmmm I thought I was at the time... grade 11, what did I know?

-What's your preferred method of birth control? Then: her - on the pill, Now - me with a big V.

-Have you ever had a one-night stand? yup, I think 3 ... would not trade them for anything... well actually, that's a little bit much, I mean there are some things....

-How many rooms does your house have? bedrooms? 9 and 4..

-What would be your ideal living arrangement? A morgage free home on a big piece of land somewhere in, oh, maybe Moutainview or Palo Alta California... now, I'm not that well travelled so what do I know, but I'd really like my extended family to be there too...

-How many times have you moved in your life? 9

-What city/state would like to live in? covered this earlier...

-Have you ever lived on your own? yes

-Who do you live with now? Zebra, George, Edward and Buster (the cat)

-What do you do on weekends? Clean, play with kiddies, and cook!!!

-Do you enjoy alone time? yea, I wish.

-Who do you spend most of your time with? You know I took a seminar once on just how complicated this question really is. out of 24 o a weekday, about 6 with my pillow, 3 with my kids, 3 with Zebra, 2 with a buss driver, and 8 with my boss and the other two get sucked up into the space / time continuem.

-If you were stranded at home for a weekend, without a computer or a tv, what
would you do to entertain yourself? read, play with kids, attempt to seduce my wife...

-What is one thing you would love to learn (it doesn't have to be school
related)? Eastern and Western European history - love to study it for 5 years then decide on a new topic.

-What are you really good at (writing, art, music, acting,
etc.)? Dealing with people... relating to children... imagining successfully seducing my wife... :)

-If there was a book about your life, what would it be called? how to stay high for 18 years and still be a success. Heheheh.

-What word describes your sense of style? ummmm, wishfull thinking? how's that?

-What's your fave article of clothing? My swish swish noisy pants.

-Describe a typical outfit you'd wear to school(work). swish swish cargo pants and a point zero shirt or sweater. .

-What season are you? Easy i'm a winter.

-What's a good brand of make-up? another easy one... MAC

-How long does it take you to get ready to go out on the weekend? 10 minutes tops.

-Sum up your life right now in 5-10 words. "The trick is to keep breathing..."
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corto's pokemon name...

Profile: You live in the snowy mountains of Nunavut, and your diet consists mostly of bats, TV dinners and tea.
Characteristics: (Combat and Non-combat)
You have propellors.
You can spit poison.
You can spit Mr. PiBB.
You can drink Dr. Pepper.
You have a fear of ice bolts.
You can resist kippers.
You have a box of LPs.
Natural Enemies
Your natural enemy is Nidochu.