January 22nd, 2001


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Hey. So I am heading for the zone...
Lets see how I start that journey. I wake up with Ed at 5:00 only to realize that my uvula (one of the grossest anatomy words in the books!!) was doing the swollen thing... I think it's related to my fighting some kind of a cold bug... I woke up feeling this way yesterday, but (in that it was Sunday) it was my day to sleep-in so I just went back to sleep until I felt better. At 5:00 am, I have about 1 hour and 15 minutes until all hell breaks loose when the alarm goes off. I felt so crummy I just snapped that baby off and committed to sleeping till the sun woke me up. It did that at 8:19.

The last bus goes by at 8:32. I'm on it. I'm showered ... and shaved... and I even wore a fancy ass new shirt - in case I do figure out how to meet up with my alpha Lj buddy. (alpha - first!) The plan is to meet Ratonil - visiting his main squeeze in Ottawa, having traveled here from Chili - for lunch.

Ok, it's "typing on the handheld" time - long commute to work - and I think I'll use some of this time to revisit the ol'lj wish list deal... it's been a long time.

First and foremost, no contest, are my heart felt wishes for lianna. I'm busy wishing pretty well everything imaginable for you baby. I wish you good luck in the being preggers deal - it hasn't been very long and there's that shitty three-in-seven deal that you know all about! {{{ hugz and hopes }}} I'm also wish'en for your heart to give you a break on the loving front... I hope something works out as you make your choices!!

Magenta! would you please make it through the next hundred days without going bananas. It will end and you will totally love the next major phase of your life. You get to make lifestyle choices from a much grander bag of options. It will be fun - period. So suck it up sweety. :)

leah, alex, allison? yo! I hope you guys all become fabulously wealthy so you can fly to cool places and play together. I'm thinking Erin should be in on that, and who the heck is Greg? seems like he maybe should be there too. Allison! More pics. Leah - make a new head shot from the blue girl pic! Alex - any pic 'l do yo, I don't know who you are yet (besides being part of the anime invasion force).

The following is a meta-wish. A primary wish to be achieved in the effort to address all other wish related issues! be afraid.
Happypage! "Mateo man" (what an awesome super hero name), although it may hurt a bit - its for the greater good!! - you must be bottled and sold on the open market. This would ensure the proper distribution of good spirits, warm thoughts and positive energy. You are fantastic.

? baby my wish for you is that you keep the patience you have now... that lullaby will make it's way to you. :)

Kathleen: good luck this week. I have many random thoughts about you and your situation at work. I am a veritable karma nova radiating a focused beam right at-cha supa-shuga. (who's da boss? you da boss!)

Well, I'm getting closer to work and want to wrap it up so, let me finish with a small but important wish for my Toronto treasure trove - Lesslyn, and Liz. You guys brighten my world and I hope against all hope that I hold onto something that will allow me to return the favor and remain in your universe. I would be almost lost without the reality of your friendships and the dream of your company. Someday we'll dance till the sun comes up.

later lj.
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