January 19th, 2001



Ok, today is gonna be a strange one... I am not simply wrapped and slapped, I am strapped to the pole and take'en the forty lashes... (such imagery, tut tut, and not a stilletto heal in sight!!!). In 2 minutes I meet with a gang of french people that don't want to speak english and I speak shitty french.. wo-fucking-hoo, then at 9:45 it's car time to a major intesity meeting with my boss et al. and some clients... Now, if I could just find that documentation...

I have a good toga party story... and it was in Toronto!!! Lesslyn and Liz A Licious are going to one! Lucky ducks.

Later Lj...

ps. I don't care if she's gay, I want to kiss Anne Heche until my lips are numb. Could anyone be cuter...

toga party (story time)

Howdy... So I'm sitting at a board table watching a sales dude from Onx (the company we have to sub through for work on the CCRA - SAP project) get all deep about crap that is of absolutely no use to me. My boss and I have made our pitches for a few projects now it's suits talking to suits time.

Now if only somebody would step up to the plate and go for some closure on anything. Man I wish I was allowed to get nasty, but I've already had an evil-eye glance from the boss so I'm in shut up mode.

Ok, enough about work. Lets talk about toga parties for a bit. When I was in college (before University) i was seriously "into" college student politics. I was very lucky with that involvement... I was able to travel all over Ontario, go to cool conferences across Canada and basically went through college with an office, a dictaphone and a secretary!! wohoo. Now there was this one conference…

It was called an APC - "all presidents conference". So all the student association / student union presidents from the colleges across Ontario would be hosted by a designated college and spend 3 days talking with provincial politicians, representatives of the organizations that front college boards of governors, yadda yadda yadda…

On one such conference I had a "moment". It was at Humber College in Toronto. The event was in the late spring and we were housed in the Residence Facility for the Humber School of Nursing. So, two floors of this cool huge building were dedicated to us.... and the rest of the building was full of Nursing Students. I was on a "third" floor that accommodated the overflow of conference go'ers that didn't fit on the two floors reserved. The washroom door - on a girls only floor - had a sign indicating that this facility (the showers, etc.) were to be shared with boiz for three days. J

The conference go'ers were a rough mix of people maybe 60 / 40 boiz to girlz. The student body president for another Toronto College was a girl named …. Mmmm, can I remember her name? Funny but it was Elizabeth… (note: there are far too many Elizabeths in my universe) something-or-other. She was a fricking amazon. 6'2", blond, at least 160lbs and it was all set up beautifully. The group of us were having a toga party. Major drunk for a great many people. At one point an entire floor of nursing students came down from somewhere above all decked out in their toga sheet thingies. And the rule is that the boiz wear nothing under the toga and the girls were their frilly bits, but no shorts or shirts!!! Liz changed into her toga in my room. I politely averted my eyes so she figured I was being a reasonably safe guy. We got tanked - that's "we" as in all the toga partyers… except I only had a single well nursed (no pun intended) drink. Half way through the party Elizabeths' toga was giving her problems so we went back to my room to fix it… We'll we never came out of that room until like maybe 8:00 am the next day… we stayed up all night. This was arguably 'almost' the best sex I've ever had. I think we played "see how long we can do this!" for about two solid hours… before we even started um, what's a cutesy term for fucking? She was an amazing woman and I'm sure a great deal of that feeling has to do with the fact that I have always been attracted to women that were my size or smaller… usually smaller.

I remember, when we got up in the morning she took off for home - she lived in TO so she didn't get a room assignment in the Rez, and when I went into the hall saying goodbye I could see Robert Last-name-hidden-to-protect-the-innocent standing there in a towel, looking very confused holding something in his hands. I asked him what he had there and he holds up a pair of womans underwear… they were absolutely huge … ginormous. He looked a little concerned about the effects of alcohol at that moment.
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