January 18th, 2001


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well it's loud pants day today. I'm nailing down the last song from the wheatus album... should be done soon. yea.

I get to meet an lj friend today!!! first time ever. I wish with all my heart that I could go to Toronto tomorrow for the LJ party... if you don't know what I'm talking about and wish you did, follow this link to Liz Vang - super chicky with the groov'en frames (hehe).

Ok, I'm super super busy today, so I'm back to it...

Did I mention that I'm going to Disney World in Orlando in three weeks for a conference? I need recommendations from somebody on a dial-up internet service provide to contract with so I can use the hotel phone jack to link up with the universe... I'm a cable modem boi at home and have long since lost touch with dial up service providers, let alone ones that offer service in Orlando, FLA.

peas all over.

(if I was the most powerful wizard in the known and unknown universe I would spend a great deal of time making my wand go bonk on the images of my lj friends to send to you the most magnificent of dreams that come true for you... Could I love you guys more? I don't think so.)
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ok ok, just a sec.

I'm gonna go catch a wee bit of a buz and then check up on my friends... actually, theres some stuff I want to post (including this cute pic of my pal Emily O.)