January 16th, 2001


Ok, enough snow already.

Yo, good morning lj. I thought I'd give my journal a little brain dump to get things out of my frontal lobes so I can get back to work.

First... what the hell is it about Hentai animation that is such a fricking turn on ... ? I mean it can get really sick and I'm not a sick guy...

Just when Farscape was getting awesome... you know, gray chick be'en all hot, blue chick being totally cool, and of course, Sun being entirely welcome to whip me, kick me, slap me, scratch me just don't forget to $@#% me I loose total track of the show... I haven't thought of the show in ages ... then I see some 'blue girls' somewhere in a lj community and it all comes rushing back to me.

People with cars are stupid fucks! Ok, well maybe not all of them, but shit, throw a little snow on the ground ... 2 hour buss ride to work because car drivers are so incredibly butt head stupid. (you saw that this said 2 hours - that is a really really long time! I mean, the newspaper is done within 35 minutes...) Oh, and this girl (I say girl...mmm she looked about 25) starts tossing cookies at the back of the buss... the look on her face said (clear as a bell) "Oh my god, I'm pregnant" It was pretty cute - small cookies.

Ok, dump done... I'll get back I'm sure.

97.5 rocks

Geez, I have a lot of problems getting my real player to let me listen to the ONLY RADIO STATION THAT ROCKS CHARLOTTESVILLE (3WV 97.5 Rocks) woooo... except I can almost NEVER connect.. I was there for a moment today, but then was cut off... ... too much "cutting off" in my world, don't ya think. :)

(no subject)

Ok so another day down... and tomorrow is back to that Client Local without access to LJ (waa!!!)...

So, we'll see if I can get caught up on the buss home and maybe - actually get to post something tonight...

Hey, it's mole people night!!! wohoo.

Later Lj.

Knuckles: I so wish I could get some time... in fact, come hell or high water I'm gonna write to you tonight. I sure hope you're coping... I've thought about some stuff to do with you ... I'm sure I'm getting a sense of your reality - now that it's all sinking in and taking shape. Is it going to be better to seperate and stay put? I'll write... write to me too if you can.