January 12th, 2001


hey Lj.

Hey lj... it is some serious business to try to catch up on 20 hours of lj posts... wow! It's a most odd feeling to totally OD on friends entries and become all immersed in this living novel!!!

So today rawked! The kids are better - typically after a lay-up of any sort, return to health includes much trouble making (grrrrr). Z is feeling much improved but the cough lingers... So the boiz went to Anya's house. (this is my mothers name to the grandchildren), Z went to work and I went to Alcatel for another moderately stressful day - most stress resulting from the desire to get the clocks to slow down. I spoke to manager dude and laid the foundations for a project management contract - very very decent potential in that.

Tomorrow is back to my reg office. I have one more day with Alcatel. Whenever you get with tech staff at a company that's doing great in the markets you see sooooo much online stock watching, trading, etc going on it's bizarre.

Hey, listen, this pic is something George did last year... He has only recently started writing words in the proper direction. It is fairly common for children to begin writing backwards in so far as they have no reason to think that it's not fine to go in either direction. He's a lefty (like his mom) and switching the direction was easier.

Did I mention that I watched the heartbreak hotel show on fox the other night... zebra watched too! It was really really stupid, and just as I expected it was a car wreck that demanded a little look. I'm liking the opinion that "I do not know these people - the unmarried young urban couples - but I know they don't have guns to their heads here" So I vote for ... go ahead and mess with their heads for the viewers enjoyment. woohoo. Poor bastards. Actually, I see it (and all the other reality deals) as a prize fight not "game show". The combatants are the network and the losers, oops, I mean 'contestants'.

The highlites of the show will be the losers turning on the camera man or the host (did you see that guy!! he is going to love phuquing these peoples heads - he has teeny little horn nubs on his forehead but the hair was covering them mostly, must have filed them down!) Bring on the lions.

You know if I started making wishes right now, this page would go on forever... my friends continue to boggle my mind.

teaser! I am so glad you got your kitty back.
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hiya lj. Man I have an awesome job! I'm sure it's totally unexciting to hear but I am totally jazzed about my job lately. I work for a great boss and the team that works for me is outstanding (well theres some issues on the team - but there always is...)

Zebra and a friend are taking our boiz and her friends two boiz to the Sesame Street Ice Capades RIGHT NOW (started at 10) at the Corel Center. That should be a blast... the kiddies will be talking a hundred miles an hour when I get home.

Hey, big excitement for Corto last night... I took Ed out of his bed (crib) at, like 10:00 pm last night so I could fix his sheets and he took off down the hall. when I caught up with him he had his diaper off and was trying to sit on the toilet without falling in AND he managed to lay a teeny little log in the bowl!!! woohoo. Ed has discovered the capacity to use the toilet... sure he's pee'd in the toilet before but always as a part of an effort ... "hey Ed lets try and go pee in the toilet.."
(could this be any less exciting?)

Oh, and on the crib thing... Geo came running downstairs at 9:30 (they go to bed at 8:00) yelling for me to come and help "Ed is stuck" Zebra and I had been artfully ignoring the kids crying and blabbing over the monitor... So I go running up the stairs to their room and there's Ed. He's climbed up to stand leaning against the wall ON THE RAILS of the crib. He's crouching and crying his little eyes out cause he can't move without falling... I rescued him, thanked George and chuckled a bunch. Now, I'm not being mean... he didn't fall and it serves him right for screwing around on the bed... But the time has come to loose the crib... Maybe this weekend we'll bite that bullet. It's been nice having a little cage for him at night but all good things come to an end... except LJ I hope!!

ps. Mush time! I am 38 years old... at no other time in my life - at least that I can truly remember - have I felt so much love for such a diverse group of people... you peeps just fricken rawk!
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Ok, so it's time for a little context... as you may (or may not) know, I am a remarkably obsessed fan of shirley manson and the band Garbage... and there is a wonderful quote from Shirl (magazine story) where she points out that "a bloak is useless in bed if he's not willing to let me pee on his tummy" ... She's a bit of a nut and a remarkable singer. So, I'm watching Much Music last night and on comes kitty singing "Brackish" and, well the bunch of em just made me think of that quote...

Have you considered that some people evoke a sexual response that says "make love to me" while with other people the phrase is more like "I'm gonna make love to you" let alone "sit still little boi, I'm about to rawk your world" ... I'm getting a little used to option number one and sorely in need of option number last. mmmmm and it's a friday.