December 31st, 2000


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Hiya lj. this is our first new years together and I hardly know where to begin. I think I'll start with a little something now about resolutions and dinner then get back to you about new years wishes…

Tonight... friends that are coming to dinner are somewhere between Quebec city and here - there is so much snow that I'm worried we'll have no company for NYE!! and we have chinese-oh-my-god-its-good-fondu, atlantic-melt-in-your-mouth-salmon, cheeses-of-the-freaking-world, salad-central and chocolate-decadence-éclairs for dessert. Awesome liqueurs, good booze and crummy Champaign (total waist of money - lets see, it's midnight, the kids 'el be up in 7 hours, quick, lets drink a whole bottle of Champaign). So, who's gonna come here for dinner?

1. I resolve to stop smoking! Oh wait, did that... ummm...
2. In the new year I am going to make really considered effort to remember that the people I care about deserve at least the same amount of respect I give total strangers...
3. I resolve to discover a way to actually 'be' more patient with my kids.

You know I'm pretty luck to have such a cool group of lj friends… you are such a diverse group of people that it's a constant source of wonder for me to hear about your lives. I look forward to the new year especially because I want to read more chapters in this living novel!

Ack, I have so much I want to talk about… but a billion feet of snow are calling me… shovel shovel…

See ya later today lj.
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hmmm... happy new year from ed and me... here's a wave file... give a listen!

Funny how things change... I was dressen Ed in his snowsuit - this is maybe 30 minutes since we recorded the wave file - and little dude changed everybodies plans for tonight.

He had that tell-tail funny look on his face for a second then blew major MAJOR chunks - I'm talking three fawcets (counting each nostril) - super gross!!! managed to react to the funny face enough to clear the snow gear from the line of fire but dad got nailed. So, we are officially doing New Years eve alone tonight... oh well, we'll have a great meal!

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me (sitting in a major mess!!!): "george. please go upstairs and get me some towels."
geo: "ok, why?"
me: "ed just got really sick..."
ed: "wahhhhhhhh... waaaaaaahhhhhhh"
geo: "Ok, here... wait, I have an idea."
(geo takes off)
(dad strips ed, takes 'em to the kitchen sink for washing)
(zebra on scene... take'en care of ed while dad cleans mess)
(geo reappears...)
geo: "Ok, ed, ed! Mom, push ed's chair over here"
geo: "Ok, ed, you pick... whichever one you want is fine - I want you to feel better."

George has arranged all ALL of his Christmas presents in a row and is inviting poor sniffling ed to take his pick so he'll feel better.

(~snif~ he can be such an angel)
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