December 17th, 2000


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The Days of Christmas (4)

On the First day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,
a pure evil, pure white cat - I called it Satan. Then she left me.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
two grams of pot! She felt awful about the 'leaving' thing and wants me to take her back, so she showed up with a little baggie and brandishing a big ol'hickey I know nothing about! hmmmm...
Oh, and Satan, the dam cat, basically lives under my big comfy chair.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
three tabs of E! and said "lets go dancing." Geez, I said "No, my ankles are bleeding and swollen!" I chucked the E. It turned out that the pot from last night was cat-nip! Satan got into it big time and now the dam cat lunges out from under the comfy chair to claw and bite at the ankles of whoever's sitting.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
Four turtle doves! No, seriously. She thought it was all poetic and from that song… you know about the Days of Christmas. Well she got that wrong - it was "four calling birds". Did you know that 'turtle doves' are basically pigeons! She came in the door and released (RELEASED!) the fucking pigeons in to the apartment. When she saw that I really wasn't into the 'poetry' of the whole thing… and I after correcting her about the 'calling birds' thing, she stormed out.
So Satan, who is stoned all the time now, is hunting the little shit machines all over the place. I can't even find two of them. This blows.

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g'night lj. It's blowing like stink out side and a soaking wet world is turning into a sheet of ice. The commute tomorrow will once again suck huge. Idiot drivers will be all over the place.

I have just a few quick bedtime wishes:
(and thanks for indulging me while I make all these bedtime wishy things...)
Lesslyn : I so hope you find a way to get your lj zone connected again. It must be very frustrating.
lianna : my wishes for you are as always, an endless hug and deepest hope for your peace of mind and spirit. you'll make the right choices ... you will. you're an intelligent young woman and you deserve to not have to settle ... period.
liz007 : (this ones easy!) I hope you get your phone back sugar.
sixtyten : I think - I'm not sure - I'm wishen that you get more of the same? Seems to me like some good stuff went down lately... if that's so, then yeah! friends are so important.
fireflieslie : I wish and I pray that you find magic beans under your pillow, and failing that, I sincerely wish for you to feel rescued by the friends you have. Take care of yourself leah.
preggers : (another easy one) I hope and pray that with each passing day, your little miracle gets stronger and stronger...
mauracelt : my hope for you is one of peace and madness. peace to you and may madness descend upon the loon that torments you.

Good night lj. Sleep well and remember that all over the world there are people with the capacity to love you ... how fucking cool is that?!

ps. everybody click on the link to liz007... she's put up her freshly scanned head shot (finally!). click it... do it... go on.
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