December 13th, 2000


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hiya lj. Managed to actually watch something we taped. Lil miss alba - the remarkably unattractive and nauseating heroin of Dark Angle. Would that I should be surrounded by such homeliness throughout the day... all the time... constantly. :)

So listen, I've been having this great day... bit lazy, between amazon bouts of "outdoorsman corto" killing snow, yup stopp'en it in it's tracks.

Sorta stayed home from work (snow day!), worked a bit. Got caught up on some journals... holy crap theres a lot to read... You know how I've been commenting that lj is like a living novel... well it's funny but the more you read the LJ Novel the longer it gets...

idle alice - oh biter of razors...
I am so sure it's allison but not sure enough so i copp'ed at starting with just allison...
One of these dayz I am going to figure you out.
You are this totally cool lil'counter culture date.
You have an amazing capacity to demonstrate compassion... you may not even realize it, but you're friends - your RW friends - have it good, better than they know.
You're a natural design talent - it shows in a lot of the things you do with art, and style.
And then theres the pissed-off-alice... woah... gee try to loosen up a bit and see if you can express yourself more clearly :)
The melancholy ali - all that tough wears away pretty quick when this one of you shows up.

A night time wish list:
idle alice : no pain, no panic, visits from friends that don't smoke pot in enclosed spaces!!! lots to do, and time enough to write about it. I wish for good things to land on sixtyten.

Only one entry on the wish list tonight... Either I'm too sleepy and zebra's calling me or I'm shamelessly putting alice in the spotlight...

Good night LJ... I'm hoping tomorrow is as good as today...
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heyla... lj.

Well I've been slaving away all morning and I'm about to go visit my good friends at CCRA to do a quick presentation on one of my projects there... yippeeee!
I stayed away from LJ first thing today 'cause I would have gone on for pages about how much damage I wanted to do to idiot drivers on the roads today... I woke up late (big surprise!) and managed to fly out of the house in 15 minutes flat to catch the LAST bus! I stand there at the bus stop with still-wet hair stomping my feet around in little circles... I should have been "just in time" for the bus, but ... no bus... no bus... and no bus... so I start walking home ... Whoosh... the bus goes by!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ok, so that sucks and I end up like an hour and half late for work.

Oh well... It's not like I'm late for heart surgery or anything...

OK - that's it for the normal stuff... the rest of this is corto going over the edge... k?

Had sex lately? Did you smack your lover? No, not evil, just a little pain. Seriously! Did your lover serve a little pain your way? If you are reading this and saying to yourself "Freak'en nut bar!" then I'm telling you that you are missing out on some very good stuff... Now, I'm not talking about kicking the crap out of each other or delivering bruising blows to the upper body or whatever... giminy crickets, we're talking about sex here not ultimate fighting... No, but - for example - when it's getting pretty dam close to launch time I can just go completely mental if I get just the right amount of pain... scratching or biting is usually best. Pinch yourself (I've talked about this before)... no seriously, what are you worried about? Pinch yourself somewhere (I recommend nipple - cause it's just so dam perfect for pinching) and hold the pinch ... no pain yet, of course, but increase the pressure gently... a little more... THERE right there just before you let go and curse yourself for listening to that total psycho Corto - right before it hurts too much there is a moment that makes you tense-up ... That moment IS the 'fine line between pleasure and pain' that finds it's way into songs and poetry all the time. That 'fine line' is such a total turn on that I'm telling you if you're not willing to get your lover to go for it you are going to forever miss out on something truly remarkable...

Ok, I'll stop now... sorry, I just get a little carried away sometimes... so pinch me! (hahahahaha)
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who the heck turned me on to this music? Was it antipreppiegyrl?
Whoever... I've listened to the album at its cool but this song... I'd have to say it really freaking rawks!!
Anybody need to bang their head a bit? Kym (nbbmom) you reading this... go for napster and listen to this song... hehe.. I guess it's so far from classic rock it's silly but it's certainly head banger material.
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04:00 pm (a post from my hand held… earlier today)
shitshitshitshitshitshitshit... I am in the boon docks of the city... this frigging warehouse that the gov leased and turned into a CCRA office environment... no kidding, its a warehouse... every now and then a ceiling tile is missing... you look up there and see that its about 50 feet to the actual roof!!! the walls are drywalled over garage bay doors! Any ways, I'm here and 'here' is way off the beaten track and I have no hope in hell of catching a cab - I can't even get through on the phone lines... people are such losers... taking cabs like 1 city block because they cannot conceive of walking in the snow... losers!!!!!

So they (my clients) were only marginally enthralled with the presentation - and no, I didn't talk about sex and pain... - Now I have to make a bunch of mods to the totally groovy 'reporting web site' I made for them...

Any ways… I gotta go solicit a lift from someone…
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Late Night bedtime wishes...
corto : I hope corto can find the capacity to be more patient with his little kiddies.
Krizsa : hmmmmt... I hope that lil'K finds piece with the big D. Your right... about the paxil... sometimes you do need a break from the amount of work that is required to hold off depression. I have reasons to know a little about ADD and I understand a little about how it impacts on your life. My heart is really very much behind my wishes for you to get the piece you desire. (as well as cute little snoopy cards)
corto : (yes I'm being self indulgent) A Sony 32" XBR400 (the tv from hell - the aircraft carrier of tv's)
lostinlove : I hope you get some good resumes and end up hiring someone to help your ass out... geez, that has just got to suck to be on your own with that stuff!
kellie : may all your poopy-change requirements be little nuggets (praise be the nugget, so mess free and manageable!) (yes, I'm feeling a little goofy tonight) Did I see a two-month birthday notice? Happy Anniversary lexi.
Kym: (nbbmom) you're an easy wish tonight! I wish with all my heart that you find the same patience I long to have for dealing with my kiddies.
Lianna : you big big freak! You own your own copy of Hockey's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em vol 1 and 2 don't ya. (Ok I officially take back the "big big freak" part... ) My bedtime wish for you is that you get all that hockey aggression out of your system. Go slap dude around for a while...
Now for the spotlight:
Who doesn't know 'bourbonstreet'? This doll (sorry if that's derogatory to you, but I mean it in the most 'dearly darling sweety' kind'of'a way) has been on my friends list since the very earliest of times. she has a wonderfully soft and pretty (seriously now) singing voice. Is it not awesome that I can actually know this!!! It just blows my mind how well I'm getting got know some of my friends. hehehe. She has a darling little baby (that I think I caught a pic of daddio changing on the home cam web page!!!) Bourbon-girl also has a LJ friends photo album on line at her web site (turn down or off the volume on midi before you go there... or it'll catch you by surprise) The album is a really cool idea... I'd love to see it grow.
What's my wish for my friend bourbon girl? I hope she will have a mystical encounter that awakens within her physical self a dark and formidable power with which she can torture the evil mistress at her office... (hahahaha!)
I also wish for her to continue to find the happiness and comfort that her main squeeze wraps around her.
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